The Best Online Games To Play During Lockdown

Wow Classic Gold

As the world slips into what looks like a Science Fiction dystopian, complete with locks and numerous trips outdoors, people more than ever need to escape the harsh realities of life. Video games have the opportunity to shine the brightest, and even a WoW Classic Gold boost can help.

Persona 4 Golden​

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While this is a PSP Vita game technically, it is worth it, because it offers some of JRPG’s most impactful gameplay. P4 Golden is perhaps the happiest game you’ve ever made about killing, and while you’re working with your first friends for life, you can have stronger social links in the turn-based fighting and dungeon crawling. You are also trying to solve a series of murders in the charming little Japanese city of Inaba. The characters in the game feel like real people, and once everything has been said and done, the emotional depth and weight in P4 is like missing your friends in reality. The game is a masterpiece that is going to change your life.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Catherine Lewis

Animal Crossing games have always been a pleasant and soft escape from the real world to a friendly, colorful one, and now is a perfect time for you to escape to a deserted island with some new animal friends at a time when we can’t even live a healthy life! As the game takes place in real-time, day after day, you can only get lost in a new glad life, build an island from scratch to become a prosperous town. 

You could live on the beach and fish by the sea for your days, make a beautiful town with paved roads and areas for your villagers to hang out or even devote your time to developing your clothing designs for online sharing. The choice is yours, but you will be addicted regardless of what you choose.

You can also play with friends online and share the magic, so you can still get together for some healthy fun on your islands even when you have to be away. Have a competition for bug catching, catch one of your poor villagers by pitfalls, or even starry together; the options are endless.


Anything from games to appliances, music to films, puzzles to paintings, and much more – from your sofa – you can create, share, and collaborate on. Some people in Dreams have rebuilt their favorite games, which is an exciting production and has important implications for the game’s future. The world is your oyster. Therefore it is time to become imaginative.

Child of Light

Child of Light is unlimitedly charming, a real gem of a game. The side-scrolling platform / RPG is fantastic to look at and full of delightful characters and stunning animations and level design. If this is not enough to distract you from the outside world, the charming dialog is all written in an excellent rhythm (that is right, every word), and it is lovely to see it.


Undertale is a joy to play with simplistic graphics, beautiful characters, catchy music, and some pitch- writing. Maybe one of the funniest games ever played, you can’t leave Undertale, and you’ll undoubtedly think about this long after credits roll. You can even go by the entire game without annihilating!

Human: Fall Flat

When you play Human: Fall Flat, you’re going to know why it’s on this list. Otherwise, well, you’re in for a treat. This is one of the funniest games ever. It’s a peculiar, open- mystery and search game in hovering dreamscapes. Your intention is to leave these dreams with nothing but your wits and physics by resolving problems. It is all devastating, especially if you bring seven others to join your adventure.


Minecraft is the gift that continues to give. You are free to create anything you want and to express yourself as much as you can. It’s perfect to create your private server with friends to live your best virtual life and be socially connected or to scratch, the itch to be creative- offers a great escape of reality.

Dark Souls – Callum Brown

The severe difficulty is something that puts people off, dark souls. The game is brutal, unforgiving, and it takes a lot of time and patience to manage, which means that it is the perfect game to play if you have to isolate yourself in the immediate future. Suddenly you will have time to learn how the game works and explore the wonderfully dreadful yet intriguing world it has to offer. Alongside exploration, you will find out how the gameplay is addictive.

You will die about him repeatedly if you meet a demanding boss (most of them), but each time you do it, you will get better, learn their attack patterns and come up with new tactics. After several attempts, you will finally defeat the boss, and the sense of success is one of the world’s most important sentiments. It means, of course, that the game takes a long time to complete, so it’s perfect when you’re stuck at the house for a few weeks with nothing else to do.

Sea of Thieves

Instead of sailing by yourself on a lonely boat, this game with friends is endlessly better. It offers a magnificent cooperative dynamic, where all have a role, all for the noble cause of finding buried treasures. You can set sail for days of adventure with cartoons and animated characters.


Cuphead is a classic running and gun action game, inspired by 1930s cartoons. The pleasantly childish visuals and audio were carefully created with the same techniques of the era, i.e., traditional hand- cello animation. It’s the perfect storm to keep you and your friend hours away.

Kingdom Hearts 3

During the pandemic of coronavirus, Kingdom Hearts 3 offers the opportunity to visit the boiling and myriad worlds of Disney. From Tangled to Frozen, you can pretend that the world is not on fire and relaxation in Disney’s safe, reassuring arms.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Start a new adventure in a vast and exotic world, where you will meet towering enemies and challenging puzzles as you strive to unravel the true destiny of Ori. With some delightful animations and graphics, you’ll never want to leave this adventure.


Netflix and TV can only last for so long, but as players, we all know this time is a disguised blessing. Now, we finally have the opportunity to get through our backlog of games, get online for the social interaction we eventually want, and re-play some of our favorites. World of warcraft is also a classic choice, Play now, and don’t forget to get your WoW Classic Gold boost!


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