Teeth Whitening Myths that People want you to Believe

Teeth Whitening Myths

Dental health is very important for our overall health. Oral hygiene have been the centre of awareness programs because it is very important. If a person does not protect his teeth it may result in a very severe infection that can lead to many problems.
A good tooth means a good smile. Therefore, procedures like whitening exist in order to make your teeth whiter and give you a better smile. For this purpose many home remedies exists, however, they are often not very effective. Some might even show temporary results that lasts only for a while. Dentists carry out procedures like scaling and dental whitening to clean your teeth and make them look presentable. Visit https://callfamilyfirst.com/ to know more.

What makes the Teeth go Yellow?

Every person’s teeth is different is colour than the other person just like our skin colour. However, sometime some antibiotic or some kind of food has the ability to change the colour of the teeth. The enamel often referred to as the dentin is often yellow. Nobody has the perfect white teeth. There are certain habits that might affect the dentin negatively such as eating too much acidic food, grinding teeth, aging, and genetics also affect how your teeth look a certain way.

Traditional Ways of Teeth Whitening

Teeth’s whitening is done in a number of ways. However, the most popular ones are as mentioned:

  • Using bleaching products that has the ability to change the colour of the enamel and making your dentin look whiter.
  • Other products like whitening toothpaste or whitening mouth was are also very popular. However, they do not often show the best results as they claim and they do not have a permanent effect. However, not all of the products are not as reliable as the other.

The important thing to notice is that the chemicals used for this purpose are far greater. This is only true if these chemicals are used as recommended by the manufacturers. People often recommend going for scaling for this purpose. However, scaling is only effective if you are going for superficial removal of stain only. Besides the other chemicals used have the ability to penetrate inside the dentin and remove the stain. Moreover, scaling results if incorrectly done might result in damaging the tooth and making the gums sensitive. This might even result in chipping off the teeth as well. If scaling is repeatedly done it might even result in yellowing of the teeth.

Whitening Toothpaste for Teeth

Whitening toothpaste is just like any other ordinary toothpaste does. Companies might claim to be effective, however, it is not the case. No toothpaste has the ability to remove the stain on your teeth. Even if they do, the effect is very minimal. There are a number of formulas that has proven to be very effective theoretically, however, practically, they do not show any positive result. The main reason why there is a huge difference is because of the application. Some of the toothpaste takes more than twenty minutes and sometimes even hours. Hence, this method is completely theoretical and not practical at all.
According to many specialists, teeth whitening can only be done by physically scraping away the yellow stuff from the teeth. Visit now to call our professional dentist in your own city.

There are many other methods that are used nowadays to make teeth look white. Other method involves whitening strips. Whitening teeth strips have shown quite mixed results. However, none of this method is effective for a long period of time.

Some people might feel improvement because the products used are often natural and these people often not have very yellow teeth. So slight improvement goes a long way. People using these types of method must be aware that they might feel sensitivity after using these products. Therefore, they must be prepared for sensitivity in their teeth and gums.
Home remedies at home are also popular among many people. Among all of them, using hydrogen peroxide is very popular. However, hydrogen peroxide has the ability to age the living tissues that are present in the body. This also fluctuate the amount of good and bacteria in the body. And the acid might even have permanent effect on the teeth enamel. The best option is to visit the dentist and get your teeth checked for a permanent solution.