“Being the richest man in the cemetery means nothing to me. Going to bed at night knowing that I did something extraordinary is what matters most to me” saying of a renowned businessman.

Many people want to start a business for the money they can earn, but only a few do so out of the true passion they feel to make their idea come true. Seek to transcend. Perhaps Tabaz Noori is one of them, most versatile and groundbreaking uprising businessman, Musician and artist of this time I know. He has a huge desire to change classical music and the cultural sector using the great potential of Social Networks.

Tabaz Noori began to show his first entrepreneurial abilities at the age of 12.

Tabaz Noori is currently a Canadian businessman and philanthropist living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with his family. He is the founder and co-owner of Noori Productions. He is the brains behind the operation: cinematographer, colorist, editor, director, multimedia manager, photographer, producer, promoter, publicist and record label manager at Noori Productions.

Tabaz Noori is also an Afghan artist, musician, actor, model, and social media mogul. Tabaz became one of the most commented, followed, searched, shared, and viewed Afghans of our time. Noori Productions became the #1 “Middle Eastern” production company in Canada and the #1 “Afghan” production company in Afghanistan. Upon this success, Tabaz went onto creating and producing three back-to-back music videos: “Ya Mustafa” (2010), “Allah E Jahan,” (2014), and “Madina” (2016). He went onto announce his first-ever feature documentary film titled “The Tabaz Noori Revolution” in-production as of 2013.

Tabaz and his team finally released the long-awaited and anticipated documentary feature film “The Tabaz Noori Revolution” in the spring of 2015. The film went onto break records domestically and internationally.

Tabaz Noori is expected to launch his clothing and merchandise line for NP & WMG, release his self-written novel “The Social Evolution,” his fourth music video “Dunya,” and host a charity, gala and red carpet ceremony for the “10th Anniversary of Noori Productions” in 2018.


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