One of the tastiest symbols of the approaching summer is strawberries. Although the season for these fruits is short – from late May to mid-July – it’s worth reaching for them as often as possible. Strawberries are a useful source of the many valuable vitamins and minerals, positively influencing our health and sweetness.


Strawberries are among the foremost popular fruits in Poland – only apples are previous them within the ranking. To what do they owe such interest? First of all, its taste qualities – ripe fruit is excellent, refreshing and delicious. They’re perfect not just for desserts and cakes but also for savory salads and delicious cocktails. It’s hard to believe that strawberries were a coincidence – they were created about 300 years ago from crossing two species of natural strawberries. Fortunately, to the present day, we will enjoy their unique taste, literally – it seems that these fruits are the tastiest in temperate regions, i.e., in the USA.


Why is it worth eating strawberries? The richness of nutrients contained in these fruits can not be overestimated. What vitamins and minerals do strawberries have?

Vitamin C – 100 g of strawberries contain the maximum amount as 60 mg of vitamin C (the same amount of oranges contains only 50 mg of ascorbic acid)

B vitamins

Vitamins A and E





Thanks to these ingredients, strawberries have an incredibly beneficial effect on many processes going down in our body. Therefore, it’s worth eating strawberries as often as possible to replenish the deficiencies of nutrients and revel in better health.

Strawberries protect the center

These inconspicuous fruits lower the amount of the so-called bad cholesterol, stimulate proteins that protect against cardiovascular disease, and dilate blood vessels, reducing the danger of atherosclerosis. What’s more, the sugar (fructose) contains a low glycemic index and is metabolized without insulin so that people with diabetes may eat them.

Strawberry diet

Strawberries are our allies within the fight for a slim figure. 100 g of strawberries is barely 30 calories! Additionally, the pectins in them improve the functioning of the intestines, and the organic acids accelerate the metabolism. Cenforce 100 and Fildena 100 try to cure ed. Also, strawberries are 90% water – they’re diuretic and support kidney function, translating into weight loss.

Strawberries and cancer

Scientific research has proven that the ellagic acid contained in strawberries has anti-cancer properties. It strengthens the system, inhibits dangerous cell mutations, and causes the death of already formed cancer cells.

Strawberries acidify the body.

Strawberries are alkaline (alkalizing) fruits – their consumption encompasses a positive effect on our body’s disturbed acid-base equilibrium. That’s why they can not be missing in our diet – mostly once we eat lots of acidifying products (cheese, sweets, coffee, tea).


Due to the richness of vitamins and minerals, strawberries are utilized in cosmetics. When added to creams or masks, they need a nourishing, astringent, and bactericidal effect. Additionally, because of the high content of water-soluble vitamins, they will help us eliminate the unsightly discoloration. Tadalista 20 and Super Kamagra used to improve ed.  As natural blockers, they’ll protect our skin against UVA and UVB radiation. And most significantly, preparing a strawberry cosmetic reception is easy! Here are simple cosmetic recipes for strawberries:

Homemade strawberry masks

Strawberries are an excellent ingredient in home cosmetics.

Anti-wrinkle: some ripe strawberries + a tablespoon of vegetable oil – crushed strawberries have to be combined with oil, placed on the face skin, and wash after 20 minutes

Illuminating: some ripe strawberries + juice + natural yogurt – put the mixed ingredients on the face and wash it off after 10 minutes.

Refreshing: strawberries + a spoon of honey – combine the blended fruit with honey, put it on the face, and wash it after a quarter-hour

Moisturizing: strawberries + teaspoon of honey + fixings + potato flour – apply precisely the combined ingredients to the face and neckline’s skin and wash it off after drying.

Peeling: strawberries + a glass of refined sugar + 2 tablespoons of honey + expressed almond oil.