Some Of The Best Metal Detectors For The Beach

Treasure hunting is not only concentrated in the drylands or the river banks. As it is taught in history, some of the precious treasures are buried underwater. It is due to the possibility of easy extraction.

That is the reason, why some of the most daring and popular treasure hunting activities, happen in the sea? And, true to this, some of the most expensive metal detecting equipment is submersible and waterproof. Check out to learn more about this topic.

Best Metal Detectors For Beach Use

  • The garret AT PRO metal detector- It is an all-terrain detecting device that has improved features, to increase your chance of finding a valuable object. It is fitted with an 8.5” x 11” performance coil that is submersible. It has a waterproofing capability of up to 3 meters.

It can also determine the kind of metal found underwater. It uses a garret PRO-Pointer to do an accurate identification of metals. It is capable of finding objects buried 10 ft. deep in the bottom of the sea.

  • XP DEUS Metal Detector- Another all-terrain device, this device is fitted with many advanced features, that are useful for professional treasure hunters. It has a controller and a wireless headset. It is also fitted with a wireless search coil, with a dimension of 11” x 35 DD. It can handle both high and low frequencies and equipped with 4 ground balance settings and is factory configured with several modes.
  • Garret ATX Deepseeker Package- This metal detector is designed for use in sandy beaches. This device will not require you to change moods and it has 11” x 13” DD coil that will increase your finding capability. With its sleek design, it is loaded with high-end features that will be instrumental to it’s a high level of accuracy.
  • The Fisher 1280X Metal Detector- A salty water hunter, the fisher is submersible up to 250 ft. depth. This device is most popular with deep-sea divers, hoping to find treasure in sunken ships. It’s also usable in freshwater. It comes with either an 8” or 10” coil and operates at a frequency of 2.4 kHz. It has a longer battery life of up to 75 hours. This device is easy to operate and has a user-friendly dial.
  • The Garret Sea Hunter MK II- An ideal detector for the deep-sea hunt, fitted with waterproof headphones for easier detection of signals.

It is also submersible up to 200 ft. It has a very accurate detection capability and user-friendly dials.

These are just some of the best beach metal detector in the market.

You can research more of this equipment and choose, what is best for your needs.