Small Domestic Appliances Market Key Players, Size, Trends, Opportunities and growth Analysis

Although coronavirus (COVID-19) is not deemed as an airborne disease, the WHO (World Health Organization) is under scrutiny for investigating procedures that convert virus particles into harmful aerosols that might stay a little longer in the atmosphere. Hence, individuals are purchasing air purifiers to maintain optimum health levels and protect home environments from any potential particulate matter. However, it is still arguable whether the HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters in air purifiers are capable of filtering out coronavirus particles. As such, air purifiers help reduce the severity of allergens and pollutants at home, especially if any individual is a cardiovascular disease patient.

Companies in the small domestic appliances market are educating users about the proper utilization of air purifiers to avoid any disputes or complaints regarding appliances. The increasing number of healthcare workers are also opting for air purifiers as they self-quarantine after returning to their homes. This factor is driving the small domestic appliances market.

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Ultra-intelligent Vacuum Cleaners Deploy Obstacle Image Detection via Processor Technology

The small domestic appliances market is witnessing a significant change with the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) in floor care applications. Roborock – an innovator in robotic home cleaners has announced the launch of Roborock S6 MaxV – an ultra-intelligent vacuum cleaner that includes an AI-enabled stereo camera, built with advanced obstacle avoidance technology. Thus, the AI technology and connectivity performance go hand-in-hand when it comes to small domestic appliances in the domain of floor care applications. The intuitive robot technology in vacuum cleaners helps domestic users to clean surfaces with fewer worries than before, since this technology detects common robot trapping obstacles.

Next-gen autonomous vacuum cleaners are being built with advanced laser technology, which is setting the standard for navigational floor cleaning. The powerful image processing technology is another key aspect for companies in the small domestic appliances market, as this technology plays a key role in obstacle detection.

Is Air Frying Healthy?

The healthier living bandwagon has a knack for joining fitness classes and is turning toward air fryers to manage their weight. The hot air mechanism of air fryers helps to conveniently bake, fry, or grill foods that help consumers to reduce their oil intake. However, longer cooking times and crowding of food in air fryers are potential disadvantages that are creating resistance among product buyers. As such, positive advantages of air fryers, such as easy clean up and preparation of low-fat meals offset the disadvantages of air fryers.

Companies in the small domestic appliances market are innovating in air fryers that eliminate problems of unwanted aroma in fried foods. Its hot air circulation technology needs low to no oil in cooking meals, which helps to resonate with pro-heath customers. On the other hand, manufacturers in the small domestic appliances market are developing air fryers that are capable of cooking multiple dishes at once.

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Intuitive and Affordable Coffee Machines Generate High Sales for Appliance Manufacturers

Coffee machines are becoming an important aspect of status symbol among high-income groups. Hence, manufacturers in the small domestic appliances market are deploying innovations in coffee machines. For instance, Slayer Espresso – a provider of state-of-the-art coffee machines, has acquired proficiency in its patented needle-valve technology that helps users gain greater flow control on the coffee they make. Manufacturers are increasing their production capabilities to develop reliable push button volumetric machines that meet high volume coffee requirements in commercial workplaces and cafes.

Intuitive features and affordability in small domestic appliances are highly preferred by domestic users. Hence, companies in the small domestic appliances market are increasing their R&D activities to innovate in intuitive machines that automatically record settings dialed by users. Since users prefer a fixed recipe for coffee making, automatic record settings are becoming a unique selling point (USP) for coffee machines.

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