Simple and with hook: we tell you how to choose a name for Instagram

Choosing a best instagram names key to publicize your profile and get followers. We tell you how to choose a simple, original and suitable for your goals.

Instagram already has more than a billion users. In other words, a billion names already registered. But do not spread panic. There are still many options and possibilities to find the one you are looking for.


It is possible to say a lot with a username: who you are (a personal account or a brand), the theme of the profile, what you do and a long etcetera. In social networks, the name is practically the first thing that users will see about you. It is also what they need to remember to revisit your profile as many times as they want.

When choosing a name for social networks in general and Instagram in particular, it is important to take into account three factors: it must be representative, simple and original. Always adapting to the particular needs of each case.


This is especially important for brands and profiles focused on a specific topic. You must refer to the content to be found in the profile, so that it can be found through the search engine. For example, if the account has to do with science, it is interesting that it contains words that refer to this topic.

In the case of a personal account, the best thing (if not caught) is to put your name and surname. They can also be combined with words related to a theme that you especially like.

Simple and easy to remember

When choosing a name for Instagram, it is important to opt for one that is easy to read and remember. It is best to keep it short and avoid dashes, periods and many numbers as much as possible. It is also advisable to escape the trend (already a little old-fashioned) of mixing many upper and lower case letters.

The most recommended is to take care of the spelling. Many people may be less than attracted to accounts that contain missing username. In case of choosing a name in a different language from your target audience, it is important to choose only simple, well-known and easy to pronounce words.



The more creative, the more it will attract the attention of other users. It is a good idea to search for profiles similar to the one you want to create and write down the names that have surprised you the most. You can also write other words that inspire you or that refer to what you want to publish in your account, and then try to combine them. Those names with puns, rhymes or references to songs, books or movies have a lot of pull on Instagram.


If the idea of ​​brainstorming does not seduce you, you can go to some websites that do the work for you. One of them is LastPass, an application that allows you to generate both names and passwords for social networks. It allows you to create them from a series of parameters such as length, the type of characters used (numbers, upper or lower case), etc.

Another option is SpinXO, a name generator. The process is simple: enter a name or aliases and information about the user (hobbies and terms to highlight, for example). The website combines these words, proposes 30 user names and confirms whether they are free or caught on social networks such as Instagram, Youtube and Twitter, among others.

If the name that convinces you the most is caught, you can modify it a bit. Some common resources are adding the location (ES or EU, for example), the language (ES, ENG), the domain (ES, COM) or points and numbers. If possible, without abusing.


Instagram, Twitter and other platforms are full of very original names. Good examples are those of the account of Rocío Vidal, @lagatadeschrodinger, or @Bigvanciencia, striking and easy to remember names for all those who are interested in scientific dissemination.

For finding more names you can visit Venostech

Another easy to remember name that refers to a specific theme is @madewithcode, the Google account to inspire girls to enter the world of code technology. But there are many more and of all the possible themes: @lavecinarubia, @barbijaputa, @miserable_men or @Anacleto Panceto are some very original examples.

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