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There are varying articles about how amazing Progressive Web App is. But knowing that PWA is essential to e-businesses is only the first step. Magento merchants need to find out which solution to integrate PWA is the best for their stores. Some recommend utilizing Magento 2 PWA extension as it is cheap and easy to install. Is that enough to choose this method for your store?

This post will focus on the Magento PWA extension and explain how it works. In case merchants are not satisfied with this solution, we also mention some other alternatives.

Let’s begin!


Magento 2 PWA Extension’s Pros & Cons


Price is not something that hinders merchants to install PWA when it comes to Magento 2 PWA extension. The cost to purchase most extensions is cheap and sometimes they are offered for free.

Another advantage when choosing this method is the easy installation process. Store owners can complete the integration by themselves with the help of the guideline. It is also possible to hire an extension provider to do the rest of the task.

For extensions, the quick installation process and cheap price are the two outstanding strengths of this solution.


With such a lack of time and money investment, we must accept that there are some certain limitations for the store when being upgraded to PWA using the extension. 

The first thing is that the storefront remains unchanged and its responsiveness and mobile-friendliness are still at a low level. For those who hope to enhance the experience for store visitors who use the website on their phones, the extension fails to meet their requirements.

Some similar features like PWA are added to the website but they do not function so well. Add to the home screen, push notification and offline mode sometimes don’t work. 

Also, the website structure is also the same as the original store.

Overall, there is not much to expect from integrating PWA using Magento 2 PWA extension as there are only some slight changes to the store.


Who Should Use Magento 2 PWA Extensions?

With the strengths and weaknesses mentioned above, this PWA solution is considered suitable for small businesses who just want to test whether PWA is beneficial for their online store or not.

Investment can be wasteful if we just listen to what the advertisements say so the extension can offer merchants a chance to test whether the advantages of PWA can transform the experience of customers. 

For a Magento store that does not gain high online sales, the fault might not be lie in the quality of the website but its customers want to visit the store to test the products to ensure that the goods they purchase truly match their expectations.

Thus, improving the quality may not yield that much profit to pay off the money invested in. The extension is a wise choice as there is something new and better added to the store but merchants do not have to spend too much money.

Besides, the businesses that find that customers mainly visit the online store to see which products available and then still visit the store offline to purchase should opt for the extension to integrate PWA.


Other PWA Solutions

What about firms who want to get higher online sales and bring the best experience to consumers? Magento PWA extensions may not meet their requirements.

Thus we bring two other solutions for firms to consider:

Magento PWA Studio

This is the official tool to integrate Progressive Web App introduced by Magento. It provides full functions of PWA to the store.

Some disadvantages when using this method is that the layout is not fully optimized for desktop so customers surfing the site by laptop or computer may find it a little uncomfortable.

Also, this method still requires the help of developers from Magento agencies. This comes with the extra cost so firms choosing this method should also have a budget plan for building PWA.

Magento PWA Themes

With customizable Magento PWA themes (e.g.: TigrenPWA), merchants are equipped with full features from Progressive Web App. The fast installation process is another great thing from those templates.

The only drawback of this solution is the relatively high cost (starting from $700).

The experience of customers on the new shopping site would definitely be upgraded to a new level. This would come along with higher online sales and compensate for the significant amount of money invested in PWA themes.


Final Words

The decision lies in merchants. They should find out what their business needs and how much they are willing to spend on PWA development. If they have a tight budget and do not have many online customers, Magento 2 PWA extension is a wise choice.

However, for firms hoping to gain higher profits from online orders, applying Magento PWA themes or Magento 2 PWA Studio sounds like a better idea. Themes are for stores that have a flexible budget or those that are developing fast in online business.

We hope that our post helps stores to figure out which solution best matches their requirements and expectations. If you find this writing helpful, leave a comment below to let us know!

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