One of the leading startups in India is starting a clothing brand. Many people are entering this sector. People are trying to convert their small scale clothing manufacturing units into the big brands but it is not that easy. You need proper knowledge and have to give sufficient time to effectively execute the plan. With so many already existing clothing brands in India, it is really hard to create your own demand in the market and promote your brand in such a way to take it to another level.


It is the first thing that you have to consider before creating your own clothing brand in India. You must have knowledge about the working of the industry in which you are entering. Collect sufficient information on the subject and know how to perform all type of legal formalities. You must have a clear idea about what you will be offering and to whom. Who will be your best clients and how you’re going to target the right people in such a big market. .The estimated idea about the budget and the things that you will need like processing machines, labour, etc. should be decided in advance. You must know the positive points that you possess and also, your limitations should be known.


The second important thing is that you must have proper funds in order to create your brand. You can seek help from different financial institutions and apply for loans. Government has also made some plans to help set up such ┬ábusinesses. Look for investors and venture capitalist so that you don’t face financial problems once you start executing your plans.


The next step is to register your brand legally. GST registration is also necessary. You can take help from any legal service providers, CA/CS on this matter. There are also few firms to help you out with the registration.


Once registration is done, now you have to lookup for space where you can start your business. Local property dealers and other online sources can help you find your office space or store space. You will also need some employees, equipment and a healthy working environment.


You have to have a proper plan For branding your unique brand. A catchy name with a vibrant logo can help you reach a wider section of consumers. Proper marketing on different platforms, with catchy slogans, advertisements and right investment, can help you grow quickly. Using the latest trends like influencer marketing, video marketing and other new ways, you can target consumers more efficiently.


Creating the best product and also unique, is another important measure to be taken. You will need some expert designers to create unique stuff for your customers. Bringing new ideas and implementing them always helps as people always want something extra and special.

There are various other things like copyright, TRADEMARK registrations for protecting your product from being copied and so on. You must ensure that everything works in the right manner in order to grow your clothing brand in India.