Sartorius Ir Moisture Balance Analysis Applications

The MA160 is filled with additional feature that the Sartorius MA37 doesn’t offer. you will find a SD card port on the left side of the Sartorius Ir Moisture Balance. The SD card isn’t included but you’ll purchase this at the foremost stores the offer memory cards. you’ll define the sort order of the created methods within the menu and export the created methods to or import them from an SD card. you’ll also use the SD card to form a knowledge backup of all settings.

MA160 Moisture Analyzer

For an extra layer of safety the MA160 moisture analyzer is given password protection to form sure that only authorized persons can make changes to the system settings. you’ll predefine up to 100 separate methods. you’ll change and save the parameters for each method to suit your requirements. A wizard for creating new methods is provided to guide you thru the method step by step. you’ll create methods manually or import them from an SD card. to make a replacement method quickly and confirm that each one relevant parameters are included, use the Assistant: The Assistant prompts you to configure all relevant parameters, provides.

MA160 To Ascertain Whether The Analyzer

You can run a performance test on the MA160 to ascertain whether the analyzer features a fault or is ready for operation. The ReproEasy pad is away from the protective wrapping affixing the sticky side down for the pad to the center of the sample pan. During a performance test, both the heating unit and thus the weighing system are tested at the same time. Test functions for various temperature ranges (70°C, 100°C, 130°C) are available. The MA160 comes with three (3) ReproEasy pad and additional pads are available within the optional accessory section below.

Moisture Analysis Applications

Moisture analysis applications must be optimized by the user by adjusting the proper temperature dry the sample without causing degradation to the sample. The moisture content of a test sample is typically mistakenly equated to its water content. In fact, the moisture of a cloth includes all of the volatile components which are emitted when the sample is heated, and cause a reduction in its weight. it’s critical to manage the optimum temperature therefore the sample being tested doesn’t end within the samples decomposition (when a sample is overheated)

The Setup Perimeters

Need an idea what temperature to line the moisture analyzer, how long will the test take using the MA37 should I run in manual or auto? Find your particular sample during this database to supply you an idea of the setup perimeters, sample prep and period of time .