Sapphire Substrate Market 2023 Rise in Popularity of Silicon on Sapphire Circuits to Bolster Market Growth

The discovery of allotropes such as graphene has led to a considerable rise in research and development activities around the world, wherein scientists laid great emphasis on the discovery of new two-dimensional (2D) materials. The quest to discover new materials largely depended on laboratory activities, and was primarily met by several challenges, including development of scalable volume of high-quality crystalline 2D materials. The increasing adoption of sapphire substrate in crystal is expected to remain one of the major drivers for the global sapphire substrate market during the forecast period.

The increasing demand for LEDSs, laser diodes, and other RFIC applications is another factor that is likely to fuel the demand for sapphire substrates during the assessment period. Research and development activities are also expected to surge in the upcoming years in the sapphire substrate market, due to widening applications of the same. In addition, advancements in modern engineering coupled with technological developments are projected to remain the key for market growth in the upcoming years.

The promising outcome of high temperature growth techniques from suitable melt is expected to remain one of the most prominent sapphire production techniques during the forecast period. At the back of these factors, along with the increasing demand for silicon on sapphire (SoS) technology, the global sapphire substrate market is on course to surpass the market value of US$ 900 Mn by the end of 2030.

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High Demand for Sapphire Substrates to Improve Efficiency of GaN-based Diodes to Drive Global Market

Due to research activities, novel patterned sapphire substrates are being discovered that continue to find applications across the semiconductor sphere. In the past few years, a unique patterned sapphire substrate is increasingly being used to attain mesa-type light-emitting diodes (LED) that can minimize threading dislocation densities. Moreover, increasing usage and demand for nitride-based LEDs for solid-state lighting due to its various advantages, including long life, size and high efficiency is expected to have a strong impact on the global sapphire substrate market during the assessment period.

LEDs are extensively being used in full color displays and traffic signals due to which, the demand for sapphire substrate has witnessed consistent growth over the past few years.

Another factor that is set to fuel the growth of the global sapphire substrate market is the soaring demand for silicon-on-sapphire microelectronic circuit. The rise in the demand for silicon-on-sapphire circuits can be largely attributed to advantages such as low power consumption, high speed, and resistance to radiation. Furthermore, silicon on sapphire microelectronic circuits are widely used in the production of smartphones, high frequency radio communication, laptops, and the aerospace industry– a factor that is expected to have a positive impact on the growth of the global sapphire substrate market during the assessment period. As per the analysts at Transparency Market Research, sapphire is expected to remain one of the most prominent substrates in the development process of gallium nitride electronics. The increasing demand for LEDs from various end-use sectors is likely to have a positive impact on the global sapphire substrate market during the forecast period.

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Demand for Sapphire Substrate to Fall During COVID-19 Pandemic

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic is expected to have a negative impact on the overall development of the global sapphire substrate market for a temporary period. The demand for consumer electronic products witnessed a sizeable decline in the second and third quarter of 2020, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, stringent lockdown coupled with restrictions on transportation and cross-border trade are major factors that are likely to result in supply chain barriers. The shutdown of the industrial sector in China during the first quarter of 2023 led to a severe shortage of raw materials due to which, the development of sapphire substrate took a major hit in 2023.

Market players are expected to focus on research and development activities during the ongoing pandemic, as manufacturing activities and operations gain momentum. The trade war between China and the U.S. is also anticipated to have a strong influence on the sapphire substrate market growth during the forecast period.