Rodrigo Ruiz De Teresa Trevino

The name of Rodrigo Ruiz of Balam Seguridad Privada came up a lot recently in the news because of the incident relating to a deal between his company and the attorney general’s office. It’s been said that he was the negotiator between the Attorney General’s office and the company for a deal that is a huge step forward for the company. A spyware program was sold by Rodrigo Ruiz Pegasus to the PGR(attorney general’s office), who paid the company a hefty sum of 32 million USD for the system. Pegasus Spyware System is a sophisticated one and can target over 500 people at once for surveillance.

The name Rodrigo Balam Security is famous for their security solutions, such as the Pegasus Spyware System. Rodrigo is the best person who could have finalized the deal as he has a lot of experience with the business he was carrying out.

Who is Rodrigo Ruiz De Teresa?

Rodrigo Ruiz De Teresa is a well-known entrepreneur who brings a variety of skills to the table. He is known to have had extensive experience working as a partner in many restaurants and nightclubs. Despite many accolades and accomplishments to his name, he is always on the lookout for new learning experiences that can enrich his work-life and knowledge even more. Through travel, he has expanded his perspective and vision about the world, which he can now employ to make his work better and more inclusive. Over the years, Rodrigo has traveled to multiple countries in Asia and Europe.

Via collaboration and teamwork with many companies, he has accumulated knowledge that he uses to run his day-to-day business. He has varied interests, which also help with the success he has earned because of making him talented in many fields.