RKOV Makes This Quarantine Fun And Creative

Being a producer and a recording artist, RKOV is contributing to the music world and making this quarantine productive and joyful for music enthusiasts. RKOV is a music producer that makes a range of music from R&B, Hip Hop to a range of Pop Music using keyboards, pianos, and numerous PC- controlled electronic synthesizers. Moreover, he has contributed a lot to the lyrical industry as he produced and wrote music of various genres. The way he integrates the synthesizer’s voices and keyboards contribute various other tools into his music.

Since a young age, RKOV has been recording and producing music of various genres and setting his foot in the field of music. The platforms through which RKOV is spreading his work included Youtube, Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, and his official website. Being an artist, he is using different social media platforms to engage the audience towards his music. His work as an artist has influenced a lot of people to be a part of his platform.

He is not just using his platform to attract the audience but also to promote the people who are music enthusiasts by making beats of different genres of music.

Emerging As A Music Producer

As mentioned earlier, he is not only an artist but also the producer who writes and arranges music of different yet captivating genres. The way that RKOV puts a lot of his time and effort in writing the music, he is making us believe that something big is coming up from his studio (Hit Science Records). There are various songs that he had recently produced and released. One of them is the “Coronavirus Remix”, “Chi W9at x Lovely” and “God is a woman” that has intrigued a lot of music lovers. On his Instagram, he has posted all of his songs and latest updates regarding his journey.

Quarantine Sessions By RKOV

Since we have talked a lot about RKOV and his contributions to music, let’s see what he has to offer to his fans in this pandemic. Not to mention, the world-wide lockdown is making us all bored and lazy, but RKOV has found a great way to entertain and engage the music lovers from the various sides of the world. He has recently started the quarantine sessions in collabration with Hit Science Records in which people participated in their choice of music, where he produces and plays the beat live in a creative way.

The quarantine session consists of episodes, and currently, you can find the episodes 06 on the youtube channel of RKOV.

The quarantine sessions have created much of the hype among the music enthusiasts, and a lot of the participating in these sessions make their quarantine bearable. If anyone wants to participate in these quarantine sessions, they can submit a demo to Hit Science Records. These quarantine sessions are full of fun and can make one feel entertained and good for the love of their music.

Wrapping Up: A Treat To A Music Industry

Concluding the musical journey of the RKOV, he is not only a great director, producer, or an artist but also a music enthusiast who is making this pandemic bearable for the normal human beings. The social media platform of RKOV on different platforms has made its mark in the field of music production, and he is continually engaging audiences to his platform to make music more accessible to people like you. Moreover, if anyone with a passion for music is looking for some ways to make this quarantine full of entertainment and productivity, they can simply be head over to the Instagram of RKOV to be a participant of the amazing quarantine sessions.

Now, if you want to connect him on Instagram or you want to see his songs on You tube, please visit and watch his songs. We are sharing his Instagram and You tube

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/rkov__/
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