We love our homes. We love the comfort and safety that our homes give us. Maybe you love the Krownlab barn door hardware or the way the sun comes through the front windows in the morning. No matter what we love about our homes, there is one thing for certain that we cannot escape—maintenance. The maintenance of a home is hectic and requires investment in money and time. Modern technology has made it easy for you to maintain your home without much work being done. The maintenance of a home has been made easy through the following five apps. These apps have been created explicitly for homeowners to aid in handling and maintaining a home.

Centriq App for Homeowners

Centriq is an app created to help when you need assistance in repairing or fixing home equipment. For instance, you may be needing help to replace a doorknob. If you cannot access any assistance, Centriq is the best app to help you in fixing. Using the Centriq app is very easy. You only need to take a picture of the equipment you want to repair and fix and the app will provide a manual on how to carry out the task.

Without any doubt, the Centriq app is the appropriate app to save you money that you could have spent to pay an expert to help you repair or fix any household furniture or equipment. Centriq also saves you time and the stress of getting access to an expert and transporting your household equipment to the expert for repair. For instance, it is hectic to transport either a television, a fridge, or a washing machine to a repair and maintenance expert.

BrightNest App for Homeowners

As a homeowner, you are required to do some projects, cleaning, painting, and decorating in your home. The BrightNest app is here to offer help, tips, and tricks to help you perform all the activities you want to carry out at your home. This app will help you carry any task in your home, from organizing the rooms in your house to keeping your yard and garden aesthetically appealing.

The BrightNest app is the go-to app when you need to improve your home. BrightNest app asks for details about your home and gives opinions that will benefit your home. This app comes in handy when you need to keep your home clean and organized. The good thing about this app is that you can install the BrightNest app free of charge.

NextDoor App for Homeowners

The NextDoor app is an app created to create communication between people living in communities and neighbors. If you are new in a neighborhood or community, this app has been created to help you familiarize yourself with your neighbors and the community members. Using the NextDoor app, you will know the rules, if there are any, in the neighborhood you have recently moved to.

The NextDoor app provides a social platform where all the community members and the neighborhood members can air out any concerns in the community or the neighborhood. The NextDoor app also helps you find local services such as babysitters, caregivers, security personnel, and gardeners. Moreover, you must have the NextDoor app in that if there is any break-in in your home, you can alert your neighbors and the members of your community very quickly.

Most government officials encourage homeowners to have their apps on their phones. They encourage communication in the NextDoor app if they want to deliver any information to the community members of the neighborhood members. For instance, if the local government officials want to do a project, the NextDoor is the most preferable to get the opinions of the community members and the neighborhood members.

HomeZada App for Homeowners

If you experience trouble managing your finances, grocery shopping, electricity bills, water bills, mobile bills, and all the taxes that need to be paid, HomeZada is the best app. This app comes in handy when you have forgotten the due dates to pay bills. With the HomeZada app, you can track your spending and budget your money according to your basic needs.

You can keep records of transactions that you have made in the HomeZada app. For all transactions that involve payments like insurance payments, contract payments, project documents, mortgage sale and purchase, payment to service providers, and any essential documents that may need safekeeping, HomeZada is the best app for that.

LetGo App for Homeowners

Decluttering your home is essential for creating more space and eliminating things that you no longer require to be in your home. The LetGo app helps you dispose of everything you don’t need by taking pictures of the decluttered items and posting the pictures in the app. From the app, people who may be interested in purchasing your decluttered household items will contact you.

With the increased usage of smartphones, all homeowners should take advantage and install the above apps for the smooth maintenance of a home.