Reasons as to Why Your Building Should Be Inspected

In housing markets where everyone is busy improving their houses and providing appealing offers to sellers, people find it comfortable to forgo any form of inspection. While this may help you give sellers better offers, the decision comes with a lot of risks that in the end, you would wish you did not forgo the process.

A building inspection is an act of physically checking a building to ascertain that it is convenient for living. A building inspector may take you with him so that you get the first- hand information. Whether you are there or not, he will provide you with a report, explaining his findings. The whole process of inspection takes around three hours.

Many may be wondering why you may need a Building Inspector to check your home. Here are the reasons why:

History revelation

When moving to a new home, a building inspector must check your home. This will help reveal some history of the home. You will get to understand the kind of people who had been living there. Through the inspection, it will be possible for you to identify some problems and look for the right solution to them. If there are modifications that need to be made to the building will be identified and possibly the inspector may advise you concerning them.

For Your Family’s safety

Adelaide building inspections will ensure the safety of your family. They identify building defects, asbestos, and other health hazards that would affect your family. They may also offer the solution or link you with people who would help solve the issue. Where the problems identified need third-party involvement, they advise you on the way forward.

Identify illegal modifications

Unless you are a builder with experience, you may not identify illegal modifications- alteration and additions –to the building. A building inspection expert can easily tell when the building’s structure has been altered. Such modifications may adversely affect your application, safety, and payment of bills and taxes. If identified and dealt with, it saves you the cost.

Aids in Negotiations

After the inspection is done, the inspector gives you a report giving feedback on the building’s situation. With the report, you can negotiate with the client. You may manage to purchase the building at discounted prices where some modifications and repairs need to be done. If the client does not reduce the price, you may ask that the repairs be done before settling down.

Prediction of future costs

You will need to know and budget for future costs as you will need to make some changes to your new home. You may need to install or change air conditioning, interior décor, electrical and water systems. A thorough building inspection will help you through this process. This way, it will be possible for you to understand the places for which changes could be made.


Safety comes first for every homeowner. To ensure this, you need to take some necessary precautions. Among such is building inspection. In the article above, I have explained the reasons why you may need a building inspection.