Quarantine Guide: How to earn money from home

This corona virus pandemic has adversely affected entire economy of this planet. Because of becoming unstable in financial terms, many multi0national companies started firing their employees. For example, Uber laid off 3000 employees due to the shutdown caused by this lockdown.

This has not affected companies and employees but students are unfavorably affected as well. Students studying abroad have become hopeless because of shut down of their part time jobs. People are missing their mortgage installments and tents because of not being able to earn money. That’s where the idea of working from home emerges.

If you have a look at Google Trends about work from home, it has spiked to peak 100% recently. Well, working from is suitable for employees but earning money online is entirely separate things. It has become hard than ever if you are thinking about the same. In order to help our readers, we have deeply research various ways to make money online while sitting at home. Most of them required patients but we can’t have it right now, right? However, we managed to find a way to earn a few bucks while you are doing nothing at home.

Note: We personally have tasted this method. It is legitimate and reliable as well. Read the entire article and you will be familiar with the method.

Earn money using ReferCoins

Well, you may not have words about ReferCoins but you certainly will as it is picking up heat lately and hundreds of users are being paid through various micro tasks. No, it is not similar to Amazon mTurk. This one is a lot easier.

ReferCoins is nothing but the platform where you can earn money by accomplishing various micro tasks. That includes social media sharing, creative video creation, spreading words about the project on forum and publishing related article on your blog.

Doesn’t it seem simple? Yes, it is.

How does ReferCoins work?

It is basically a bounty platform where they list different projects who wants to be promoted on social media by providing you some money. Unlike traditional social media brands, they are directly connecting project owners with actual people who will be promoting their projects on timeline directly. That reduces the cost by a great extent.

Currently they are promoting their own platform but you will see multiple projects listed on the website. All you need to do is choose one bounty and look for suitable tasks listed there. Select the task and perform activities according to rules. Once accepted, reward per completed tasks will be approved on your account. You will be able to withdraw it then after.

They have once attractive informational bounty thread on bitcointalk which has got a massive amount of engagements and thread views are increasing day by day. Signature campaign is one of the famous out there if you have a good forum rank. However, there are other social media campaigns and content creation campaigns you can certainly join to earn money right away.

There exists a total of five campaigns at the moment. The easiest ones are Facebook and Twitter campaign where you need to just share their official posts on your wall. Article and video content have better payout so does the amount of effort you will have put is more. Create your article or video discussing about ReferCoins and post in on your blog and channel respectively. If you are running a news website, content publication will be an easy job for you. However, a nice video can get you rewarded more as well!

How to join ReferCoins?

This is the unique platform for earning money in the form of cryptocurrency. Some users are finding difficulties with the joining and submitting process. Well, here is the stepwise process to help you out.

Step 1: Go to https://refercoins.com and click on Sign Up button.

Step 2: Enter your Name, Email Address etc. to create an account there.

Step 3: You need to active your account using verification link you will have received in your email.

Step 4: Now you will be able to see various tasks. Select one and read description and rules thoroughly.

Step 5: Once you select a campaign, you will need to submit your social media profile or blog, YouTube channel.

Step 6: Once approved, you will get an approval mail.

Step 7: Now perform activities according the campaign you’ve chosen.

Step 8: Submit proof of your finished task under My Work section.

Step 9: They will review your submitted activity and allocate your associated rewards.

Step 10: Go to My Wallet > Withdraw and enter the amount you would to withdraw. That’s it!

This can be your best source to earn money working part time. ReferCoins will be launching various projects and campaigns so that you never run out of tasks. Happy earning! ?