Properties of Sultana Raisins

The dried form of fresh raisins is called sultana raisin. Fresh grape culture contains approximately 80% water.

Accordingly, 1 kilogram of organic sultana raisins is obtained from 5 kilograms of fresh grapes.

Drying occurs completely naturally, evaporation of water inside with sunlight.

In this way, only properties such as seeds, minerals and vitamins are left behind. And this way you can last longer your grapes.

You can find different quality numbers for organic sultana raisins:

  • Sultana raisins number 7
  • Sultana raisins number 8
  • Sultana raisins number 9
  • Sultana raisins number 10

How Is Sultana Raisin Used?

Organic sultana raisins are made from a type of very high quality grapes grown in Turkey and climatic conditions. Its name comes from the region where it grew up ‘Sultaniye’.

It is used in many different places as a snack. It is recommended that diabetics and those who are in the weight loss period should be careful in its consumption.

By consulting your doctor, you can determine more accurately how your daily consumption should be. Some of the usage areas of organic sultana raisins are below:

  • It can be used in prepackaged ashura mixtures,
  • It can be mixed with cereal, muesli and breakfast products,
  • It is used in dessert, pudding and chocolate.
  • It can be used in products such as biscuit cakes,
  • It can be used in bird and pet food.

What is the Wholesale Price of Sultana raisins?

Organic sultana raisins are a wholesale product of Turkey. You can buy cheap, good quality sultana raisin from Turkey.

Raisin prices are updated in our monthly price list every month, as long as they are in our stocks.

What Are The Benefits Of Grapes Dried In The Oven Under Appropriate Conditions?

Sultana raisin is produced by drying the fresh product under suitable conditions.

As a result of drying, with the evaporation of the water in the sultana raisin, the essence of the product remains and the nutritional values, vitamins, active ingredients in natural raisins increase much compared to the fresh natural form.

There is much difference between consuming the same amount of fresh grapes and consuming sultana raisin, but in terms of benefits, except for exceptional cases, it can be said that natural fresh grapes and raisins are beneficial in the same matter.

Pay Attention!

The photographs, nutritional values, benefits and approximate waste rates used in the promotion of the product were written by compiling the data and resources when the site was first prepared.

The product that will come to you may differ due to the type of product, drying technique and other factors.

How is the Sultana raisin Wholesale Sales Form?

Wholesale is made with kraft sacks. You can buy it in bulk with this form of packaging.

The company named Izmir Organic serves as a sultana raisin supplier. You can easily buy any dried fruit you want from this company.

We send organic sultana raisins in boxes, packages or sacks to your address with your contracted cargo.

Then it will reach your door as it should be.