Potential Impact of COVID-19 on Automotive Digital Assistant Market

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  • Automotive digital assistant is a system that acts as a primary interface between the driver and the vehicle
  • Currently, a majority of vehicle accidents are caused due to distraction of the driver while driving, which may be due to usage of mobile phones while driving, searching for parking space, or searching for the gas station. The digital assistant plays an important role in eliminating driver distraction. The digital assistant provides the driver with forthcoming or approaching locations such as restaurants or gas stations. It also suggests the driver to maintain speed according to traffic conditions.

Key Drivers of Global Automotive Digital Assistant Market

  • Rapid rate of adoption of new technologies, smartphones, and social media is fueling human dependence on digital technology. Rising digitization and automation has led to the demand for a virtual digital assistant in order to help cope with the current fast-paced lifestyle.

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  • Intelligent Assistant is designed to understand drivers’ questions, process the query coupled with the status of ADAS obtained from Vehicle-data, and respond to drivers accordingly. The automotive digital assistant helps chart or pick the best route to reach the destination. The system can also understand any language.

Asia Pacific to lead global automotive digital assistant market

  • In terms of region, Asia Pacific is expected to lead the automotive digital assistant market in the near future. In India and China, OEMs are implementing this system at a rapid pace. Majority of OEMs based in Japan and South Korea have integrated the digital assistant in their latest and forthcoming models.
  • North America & Europe, together, are expected to hold a leading share of the global automotive digital assistant market system market, as digital assistant technology is first adopted in developed countries and is gradually gaining popularity in developing countries. The market in Asia Pacific is estimated to expand considerably due to advancement in technology.

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Key Players Operating in Global Market

The global automotive digital assistant market was highly fragmented in 2018. Key manufacturers operating in the global market are:

  • Artificial Solutions
  • Apple Inc.
  • Alphabet Inc.
  • Samsung Electronics Ltd.
  • Huawei Technologies co Ltd.
  • Dragon Drive
  • Next IT Corporation
  • CX Company Corporation
  • eGain Corporation
  • Creative Virtual Ltd
  • Codebaby Corporation