Introduction – Pneumatic Cylinders

If there’s one word that aptly describes the story of the pneumatic cylinder market, it is diversification. Traditionally, demand for pneumatic cylinders has remained limited to construction, automotive, manufacturing, and aerospace. However, in the recent past, new opportunities have emerged. Pneumatic cylinder manufacturers are now eyeing opportunities across a wide range of sectors. The foray into the uncharted has been enabled by consistent advances in technology, notably, automation and robotics. Transparency Market Research (TMR), in its new offering, lays bare the overt and the covert, the subtle and the obvious, and the niche and the holistic, to present a comprehensive, 360 degree analysis of the pneumatic cylinder market.

pneumatic cylinder strategies

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Evolution in Pneumatic Cylinders

Single-action cylinders are quickly being replaced by double-action pneumatic cylinders, as the requirements of end-users have witnessed a sea change over the years. Single-action cylinders, known for their easy operational method, fail-safe mechanism, and low operational costs are proving to be incongruous with the shifting demand. Double-action cylinders have catered to these limitations, and today, they remain the pneumatic cylinder of choice in a range of industries.

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According to TMR’s research, over 11,000 units of pneumatic cylinders were sold in 2017. Buoyed by growing applications in novel avenues, global sales are likely to reach nearly 12,700 units in 2019. Transparency Market Research (TMR) maintains a bullish outlook on the pneumatic cylinder market, and opines that global sales will grow at over 5% consistently throughout the course of the forecast period (2019-2027).

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