Plastic Pails Market Leading Player, Comprehensive Analysis, Forecast 2025

Manufacturers across industries are gradually shifting to cheaper yet efficient packaging solution to overcome bulk packaging challenges. The shift from the manufacturing of metal to plastic packaging solutions has entirely changed the market landscape over the last two decades. Thus, novel packaging solutions such asĀ plastic pails, which are lighter in weight as well as comparatively cost-effective, play a defining role in overcoming these challenges. Plastic pails are cylinder-shaped containers, usually with a capacity of about 3 liters to 50 liters, primarily used for the storage of liquid/powder products.

Plastic Pails Market: Dynamics

The increasing demand from food & beverage ingredients, oil lubricants and chemical sectors is expected to be the key driving factor for the global plastic pails market. Globally, industrial chemical manufacturers are inclined towards the use of cost-effective and lightweight yet long-lasting packaging solutions for bulk liquid packaging requirements. Plastic pails meet these requirements and thus, find foremost application in the industrial chemical sector. Additionally, the growing demand for dyes, coating, paints, adhesives, etc. across varied geographies is playing a pivotal role in propelling the demand for plastic pails.

Fluctuation of raw material (polymer) prices for the manufacturing of plastic pails is anticipated to be a prime restraining factor for the global plastic pails market growth.

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Plastic Pails Market: Segmentation

The global plastic pails market can be segmented on the basis of top/head type, size/capacity, closure, and the end use.

The global plastic pails market can be segmented on the basis of top/head type into:

  • Open top/head plastic pails
  • Closed top/head plastic pails

The global plastic pails market can be segmented on the basis of size/capacity into:

  • Up to 3 Liters
  • Between 3 and 5 Liters
  • Between 5 and 10 Liters
  • Between 10 and 20 Liters
  • Between 20 and 50 Liters
  • 50 Liters and above

The global plastic pails market can be segmented on the basis of end use industry served into:

  • Paints & coatings
  • Industrial chemicals
  • Inks, dyes and pigments
  • Petroleum and lubricants
  • Cleaning solvents
  • Polymers, resins & adhesives
  • Food & beverage ingredients
  • Agriculture & allied industry (fertilizers / pesticides)
  • Other industrial end use
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Plastic Pails Market: Regional Outlook

The global plastic pails market has been segmented into seven regions, namely Latin America, North America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Middle East and Africa (MEA), Asia Pacific Excluding Japan (APEJ) and Japan.

As of 2017, Asia Pacific was a prominent market for plastic pails, accounting for above 50% of the global production of industrial bulk chemicals. Moreover, with countries such as China & India in Asia Pacific exhibiting lucrative growth opportunities in terms of industrial chemical packaging, the demand for plastic pails is expected to witness substantial growth over the forecast period.

Plastic Pails Market: Market Participants

Some of the key players currently operating in the global plastic pails market are:

  • Greif, Inc.
  • Mauser Group B.V.
  • Schutz Container Systems, Inc.
  • Berry Plastics Corporation
  • Time Technoplast Ltd.
  • BASCO, Inc.
  • FDL Packaging Group
  • Kay Industries (Pty) Ltd.
  • The Cary Company
  • Mitchell Container Services, Inc
  • Chicago Steel Container Corp.
  • BWAY Corporation
  • Great Western Containers Inc.
  • North Coast Container Corp.
  • Industrial Container Services, Inc.
  • M&M Industries, Inc.
  • Chicago Steel Container Corporation
  • Myers Container, LLC