A Complete & Detailed guide for Patta Chitta

When we talk about make a beneficial investment and invest on the right place people used to spent money on land. Investing on land is the beneficial for all as the time increases so is the price of the land. A deed is considered as the easiest among all. It is generally associated with transferring of the property. It is any legal contrivance in writing which affirms an interest, right, or property with sealed stamp. If we talk about it in Tamil Nadu is known and called Patta Chitta. This legal document permits the legitimate owner of the property or land to understand every thin detail about the land. As in Tamil Nadu the government done a significant development in maintaining Land records systematically or can say online. Before moving any further let us first Cleary understand about the Patta Chitta in detail  and how you can download these documents online Adangal and get a copy of it.

What is Patta?

It is one kind of a land deed, generally for a small piece of land which is issued by the government of Tamil Nadu. This term is called Patta in certain part of the south India. In other words, it is legal document provided by the Village Administration Officer (VAO) and from the Thaluka Office of real estate. The paper consists with numerous important details about the land, space of the land, and area of it, etc.

What is Chitta?

Once the legal documentation, revenue document is the nest once. Basically, Chitta is the legal revenue document prepared by the Village Administration Officer (VAO) and the Thaluka Office on the real estate officers. The main objective of a Citta is the explain about the land type–Wetland (nanjai) or Dryland (punjai) and so on.

Conclusion: These documents assist the owner at the time of making payments for the taxes which generate on land revenues and for taking any legal actions associated with the land. To provide assistance for the farmers Banks and many other financial institutions also provide crop loan on the basis of Patta Chitta documents.