To obtain khula in Pakistan and Pakistani divorce certificate Jamila Law Associates is the best law firm. This shows that men desire to get a good name. When they are weak, why will their subordinates not be weak after khula in Pakistan and Pakistani divorce certificate? Men cannot say that women do not listen and correct themselves, for, Allah has made them ‘governors’ and women ‘the governed’ Men are the managers of the affairs of women. (5:34) Governors have authority over the governed. It is only men’s excuse that they do not listen to them. We will believe men only when they tolerate an extra dose of salt in food and make no complaint. In matters of the world, men do not surrender authority. It is the only religion that they will ignore.  (Munaziatul Ilawa p-34S) WOMEN AS LEADERS Men have conceded leadership in these affairs concerning marriage function as women dictate they must seek the rulings of Shari’ah and act, but they abide by women’s orders. Thus, the orders are as foolish as the givers are, they make men stupid and themselves lose all sense except to adorn themselves. (At-Tabligh “-4 p- 100) PEOPLE DISALLOW OBSERVANCE OF CUSTOM while most men submit to women in matters of custom those few who disallow them are of two kinds after khula in Pakistan and Pakistani divorce certificate. The adherents of religion disallow women to observe customs because of religion. The others are the western-educated who prevent the observance of these customs because they are foolish. While the former kind is worth esteem, the second kind may be said to be those who ‘run from the rain only to stand under the drain of the roof water.

The reason is that women waste money after khula in Pakistan and Pakistani divorce certificate on customs sometimes but these Englishmen squander money every day on foolish things, like photography, music, extra pairs of shoes, costly garments, etc. Their attitude is not praiseworthily, but those who are motivated by religion to prevent customs are worthy of poise if they apply the ruling on themselves too.  (al-Aaqilat al-Ghafllat, P-346)  COMPLAINT AGAINST MEN  Why to complain against women, I say to men too that if they long to do something sometimes then they must just ask themselves if what they do is under the command of Allah and His Messenger They do just what they like. Never does a man seek the advice of a religious scholar on doing anything.  If what they observe of the custom is to their advantage in the world then they will never ask themselves if it is according to Allah’s pleasure or not. If anyone were to remind them that they were not doing the right thing then they would not pay heed after khula in Pakistan and Pakistani divorce certificate. And, if they were to listen, they would contrive to justify their action. Thus, they began with one sin but ended up with a compound of ignorant pleas and insistence on sin.  -432) TO ELIMINATE CUSTOMS there are two ways to abolish these customs.  1. The entire community must get together and resolve to do away with these things. Soon they will succeed; the pioneers will earn a reward even after they die.  (Islah ur Russum, P-81) 2.


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