Organizing‌ ‌a‌ ‌wedding‌ ‌by‌ ‌”Athanasios‌ ‌Gomatos”‌ ‌suitable‌ ‌ for‌ ‌average‌ ‌budget‌ ‌

Maybe because now something it’s more expensive than before. As a result, couples who are not attached to the location must be a luxury place. With full facilities, the shady atmosphere has delicious food And it looks warmer than the rest. The restaurant also makes a small wedding. Look stylish in your own way too. So today, Happy Wedding. Life, we will introduce how to make a wedding in a restaurant look chic. According to the style of young office workers, the newlyweds are interested. “Have a small but warm wedding” as an idea to find a wedding venue.

  1. Choose the venue that you like

When choosing a wedding venue for many people, the number of guests comes first. So we can’t choose a place that we like. Despite having a chic and like a lot, so if we want to organize a small wedding in a chic place Forget about the number of guests first. Let’s find a restaurant that can be used as a venue for the event first and we’ll think about the number of guests later. The thing to consider in choosing the best place to your liking and helping you save your budget is the nature of the “restaurant”. Look at what it is like outdoor-indoor, indoors, Greenhouse, Garden, or Rooftop; all these things make a small wedding. You can contact Athanasios Gomatos, as well. And will save more budget if the place you choose doesn’t need much decoration, it’s already beautiful. Don’t believe the reviews until you get to see the place for yourself again.

  1. Decorate the place in style

Some places now have a service to decorate the venue for the event. This will help the newlyweds who do not have much time. have a beautiful wedding in a dream or if the decoration of the place is more than the budget specified The newlyweds may decorate only certain points, such as having a backdrop, a sign at the reception, a beautiful flower on the banquet table, etc. Emphasize “less but much, smooth but elegant” decorations first, but the advantage of having a wedding in the restaurant is some places are already shady. Almost no decorations are required. It can be used as a wedding venue. Therefore, the choice of location has a huge impact on this point.

  1. The food must be delicious

And that can’t be checked at all. Is it a matter of food Even if we choose to arrange a wedding? The taste of the food is very important ever. Therefore, besides the restaurant must have various facilities. Already in service “Taste” should also be an important part of the bride’s deciding where to choose. It’s a good place for your wedding.

  1. The guests do not need much but focus on quality

When we get the wedding venue here you will know that wedding venue how many people can we invite to the wedding party? What kind of ceremony and how to cater to guests and limited spaces the newlyweds may have to tell the guests or indicate on the wedding card that your wedding is the one that invites a truly special guest? For guests to understand and you can welcome guests thoroughly. And this is a simple trick. No matter where it is organized whether in restaurants, in hotels, Thai houses, clubs, etc., prepping or planning an event in advance is the safest way. Because even if it is a small wedding, but if prepared in advance we believe that we will impress our guests anyway. And definitely make the wedding look warm in your own way.

  • Choosing a wedding venue that will satisfy your guests

A wedding is an important ceremony for the bride and groom to begin their married life. Therefore, to make the wedding look perfect, it is imperative that both the groom and the bride pay attention. The things that must be considered in particular are the place used for the wedding it must be a qualifying venue for the wedding. To impress guests and to make various ceremonies the work is going smoothly. Let’s have a look at any tips on how to choose a wedding venue that will satisfy your guests?

  1. Choose a place that is convenient to travel

Especially for guests who do not have a private car or guests with private cars but do not wish to drive to the event, Therefore, the groom and the bride need to choose a place that is comfortable to travel to. They may choose a restaurant or hotel that is close to public transportation such as BTS or subway.

  1. Choose a place that is not cramped or crowded

Because sometimes you may not be able to clearly determine the number of people attending the event. Therefore, it is important to choose a location that can accommodate a large number of guests so that guests do not feel uncomfortable with the tightness of the place. It is best to choose an outdoor venue, such as hosting a wedding in an open restaurant or hosting a wedding in a garden. This will help guests feel more relaxed.

 Choose a place where the food tastes good

Taste of food at a wedding It is important that the bride and groom need to be considered as a top priority. Because it is something that will help impresses the guests who attend the event. And if you see that guests are satisfied with the taste of the food, it will make you feel better. Therefore, choosing a wedding venue, in addition to taking into account various factors, should also check that the venue how does the food taste? You can read reviews from people who have used the service to make a decision.

  1. Choose a secure location

A good wedding venue should not be in a lonely alley or a place with low light in the corridor leading to the event because it may make attendees feel insecure. Especially the parking lot area should be safe from the staff that takes care of it. There are surveillance cameras all around. In order to provide more comfort to the attendees for newlyweds who are looking for a wedding venue that meets all of the above requirements. We recommend that you try the service.  Athanasios Gomatos is a Wedding Planner place that will make your wedding even more special and impress your guests.