• Optoelectronics is the application of mechanical effects of light on electronic materials. Optoelectronics involves the study and development of electronic devices that detect and control light
  • Optoelectronics is a rapidly emerging technological field that focuses on light-emitting or light detecting devices
  • The most commonly used optoelectronics devices are telecommunication lasers, optical fiber, blue lasers, LED traffic lights, photodiodes, and solar cells
  • Optoelectronics devices are widely utilized in military services, automatic access control systems, telecommunications, and medical equipment

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Rise in Demand of Global Optoelectronics Market

  • The laser diode is an optoelectronic device that is employed in military applications, surgical procedures, optical memories, CD players, local area networks, and electrical projects such as RF controlled robotic vehicles
  • Optoelectronics is highly beneficial for the military and aerospace sectors. Sometimes, the transmitted air RF links may not reach the intended receivers due to confined spaces or tunnels and to overcome this, optical repeaters and fiber optic networks are used.
  • Optoelectronics can be utilized to design satellites of the future, as it offers high bandwidth for communications. Optical fibers are employed in telecommunication, fiber lasers, sensors, and bio-medicals
  • Optoelectronics solar cells are used in solar energy-based projects for measurement systems, auto irrigation system, solar power charge controllers, solar street lights, and sun tracking solar panels

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North America to Lead in Global Optoelectronics Market

  • North America dominates the global optoelectronics market due to an increase in investment in the development of smart infrastructure and rapid rise in adoption of automation technologies
  • Optoelectronic can be utilized in cinematography, avionics, and industrial applications, which is estimated to boost the global optoelectronics market in Europe
  • The optoelectronics market is expected to expand in countries in Asia Pacific, such as China, Japan, and India, due to increasing expenditure on sophisticated electronic gadgets by the population in these countries
  • The optoelectronics market is anticipated to at a rapid pace in Asia Pacific due to a rise in applications of optoelectronic equipment in consumer electronics such as flat and flexible television display panels, cameras, CD-DVD & Blu-ray storage technologies, Xerox machines, and smartphones

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Key Players Operating in Global Optoelectronics Market

  • Omnivision Technologies, Inc.
  • Sony Corporation
  • General Electric Company
  • Panasonic Corporation
  • Samsung Electronics


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