Working as a teacher from home, or wherever you want, is one of the great options to work remotely in the education sector. In TrabajarporelMundo.org you can find many options to work as a teacher abroad, but if you really want to work as a digital nomad or experience the freedom to work from home, work teaching online, it is a good option.

We live in the best moment of history to be able to work and earn money from home or wherever you want. There are many options, and one of them is online education. For this, there are different platforms that offer you the opportunity to teach, no matter what your sector or training, there are options for everyone and then we tell you how to find them.

The online education is growing every day. It is already used by many universities and study centers around the world, but not only do these institutions offer these options. There are platforms that allow you to learn or teach online and earn money as a teacher at home, and of course, there is also the option Di Yourself, basically montartelo on your own, in this case, you will have to create a blog.

Below you will find a list of the best platforms to teach online and work as a teacher from home. Tupelos is a platform for online courses. It is the largest collaborative learning platform in the Hispanic world with more than 3 million users, 60,000 courses and 500,000 students.

With this platform, you can also earn money as a teacher from home. The courses are shown in video form and you only need to record your course, upload it to the Tupelos website and monetize your course to earn money by teaching. Uploading a course to this platform is free and you will get 70% of the sales.

ClassOnline is another platform where you can create, manage, promote and teach online classes. ClassOnline has powerful videoconferencing software in which you can combine real-time and video training. In addition, they offer a personalized portal under your own domain and brand.

More than 10,000 professionals already teach their classes online with Class online. There is a section to test and learn more about the platform. Teachable is a website to create online courses. Another option to look for home tuition in Singapore, although the platform is in English, you can offer your courses any other language.

There are many teachers who say that this is the best platform to host your online courses and monetize them (earn money with them). This website allows you to upload your courses with different formats; video, PDF, audio. Superprof is a community of support teachers. A platform where you can give private lessons from home and earn money with it but also offers you the possibility of offering private tutorials. You choose.

You can offer all kinds of classes, from school support at different levels to language classes, music, sports, art, etc. verb ling is a platform specialized in language courses. If you have knowledge of several languages, this is a good option to work as a teacher from home. You can teach online English, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish… There are as many options as there are languages.

You do not have to be qualified to teach language classes with Verb ling, yes, you will have to go through a review process where you will qualify your knowledge before being accepted on the platform. Khan Academy is another of the best-known training platforms on the internet. Through this platform, you can find free online courses. It also has a section to register as a teacher and upload your courses. With this platform, you can not only upload your courses, but it also serves as a support for teachers who want to complement their classes, track students, etc.

With this platform you will not earn money, it is a non-profit organization, it is a free platform and all the material offered is free of charge. Of course, it can be a very good option to highlight your personal brand and make yourself known in the world of training reaching millions of people. The class gap is another platform of private lessons similar to Superprof or Tusslesparticular. The website serves as an intermediary between teachers and students from around the world who are looking for support classes or learn something new.

Classes are offered through a virtual classroom that has the platform, so you can work as a teacher from home without problems. The virtual training classroom offers a platform with chat, video and voice, virtual whiteboard, option to send documents, as well as other functions. The commissions that the platform stays go from 20% to 10% depending on the teaching hours.