North America Slip Cover Tin Industry is expected to have a positive outlook in the coming years

Slip cover tins are cost-effcient storage solutions which offer functionality and sophistication of metal packaging. These tins can be used for storage as well as decorative applications. Metal possesses supreme barrier properties, which lead to the enhanced shelf life of packaged products.

Moreover, the structural strength possessed by slip cover tins makes them durable and protects the packaging from shocks & tremors. Manufacturers are concerned about achieving product differentiation as it directly impacts their sales. By using slip cover tins, they aim to achieve this as most of their competitors are using conventional plastic or paper-based packaging formats.

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Slip Cover Tin Market: Dynamics

Consumer-friendly and aesthetically appealing slip cover tins are known to add a premium touch to the package. Furthermore, these tins can be embossed, printed, and decorated to enhance its visibility on shelves. As slip cover tins are made of metal, they offer up to 100% protection from moisture and air, which aids in preserving the quality of packaged contents for a prolonged time. These factors are expected to act as key drivers for the global slip cover tin market. The flat slip cover tins are used for storing balms, ointments and several other personal care products. While deep slide cover tins have a relatively larger volume, they are most prominently used for storing confectionery, candles and more.

The market dynamics are likely to get influenced by the presence of several regional and small-scale players across the globe. These players do not pose a direct threat to tier 1 players but might shift the regional pricing trends to an extent. Also, the shifting preference towards flexible packaging formats can be a key restraining factor for the growth of slip cover tin market. This shift has transformed the packaging trends altogether and shaped the industry as we see it today. Moreover, other packaging formats such as glass containers, cardboard boxes, etc. are also widely used for packaging of chocolate, spices, and more. Therefore, the threat to substitutes seems to be on the higher side for slip cover tins, which might hamper the demand for slip cover tins during the forecast period. However, unlike their counterparts, slip cover tins can be used multiple times without losing their structural strength.  Thus, the market is expected to have a positive outlook in the coming years.

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Slip Cover Tin Market: Segmentation

Globally, the slip cover tin market has been segmented by product type, material and end-uses.

On the basis of product type, the global slip cover tin market has been segmented as follows

  • Deep slip cover tin
  • Flat slip cover tin

On the basis of material, the global slip cover tin market has been segmented as follows

  • Tin
  • Steel
  • Aluminum

On the basis of end-uses, the global slip cover tin market has been segmented as follows

  • Personal care & cosmetics
  • Food packaging tins
    • Chocolate tins
    • Spices & seasonings
    • Tea & coffee tins
  • Gift and promotional tins
  • Tobacco
  • Others (Candles etc.)

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Slip Cover Tin Market: Regional Outlook

The use of slip cover tins for storing confectionery has been quite high in North America, this is expected to create a steady demand for these tins in the upcoming years. Countries in the Asia Pacific are projected to pose rewarding growth opportunities for the slip cover tin market, owing to the burgeoning demand for customized packaging solutions from various end-use industries. Attributing to the recyclable nature of slip cover tins, they are often considered as substitutes for single-use plastic containers. This is expected to increase the demand for slip cover tins in European countries, where regulations against plastic usage are particularly stringent.

Slip Cover Tin Market: Key Players

Examples of some of the key players operating in the global slip cover tin market are Allstate Can Corporation, Tin-Pac Promotional Packaging, RLM Packaging, TinWerks Packaging Co, and more.

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