Nikunj Jain Reviews On The Last Hour

Nikunj Jain was born on 17 August 1972, an Indian actor and director who works in Tamil, English, and Hindi films. The son of actress Parvati Jain and musician Arnab Jain, Nikunj Jain made his acting debut in the drama industry. Nikunj Jain achieved success with his role in thriller movies. Nikunj Jain earned wide critical praise for his portrayal of a Stalker in the Psychological thriller movie YOU. Nikunj Jain is one of the famous figures in the Bollywood industry. He has won many IFA awards and was nominated many times in Filmfare festivals. Nikunj Jain is known for his personality and attitude. Nikunj Jain is one of the famous critics who writes spicy gossips about web series and movies.

Reviews On The Last Hour by Nikunj Jain

The last hour is directed by Amit Kumar on Amazon Prime. It is one of the best Supernatural thriller movies with a good cast, characters, great story, and action. The Last Hour has an incredible star cast including Sanjay Kapoor, Shahana Goswami, Karma Takapa, Shaylee Krishen, Raima Sen, Robin Tamang, and Mandakini Goswami in pivotal roles.

According to Nikunj Jain, it is darker than Vampire Diaries and the originals. This series gives you goosebumps and chills. The scenes were shooted in a Victorian antique set up with the fiery sounds in backgrounds.

Nikunj Jain found the first two episodes exciting and engaging. He said that it keeps you engaging to know what the suspense. The Last Hour is more about shamans and ghosts. Here the main character Dev connects with the soul of the people who recently demised. This is a cliche love story where Dev falls in love with Pari and with help of young Shaman saves her from the evil soul.

They have also focused on the patriarchal side by showing how the hero saves the girl from the evil soul and how she should be suppressed as a character”, says Nikunj Jain.

It has a great plot story with immense work on the lights and sound. The crew team has shot in the hills of Sikkim, Himachal Pradesh to bring originality to the characters.

From start to end you will not be bored, Nikunj Jain says the plot twist is quite different from other thriller series. Other critics and Nikunj Jain believe that the series has shown the rawness in the characters and the actors did their part really well. It is a typical Indian series with lots and lots of drama and will keep you engaging.

It is very clear that Nikunj Jain has analyzed every phase of the story with his keen observations.

The Last hour has everything which one expects from a thriller movie. The characters have expressed themselves so intensely that the audience will clap after a strong scene. The emotional, psychological balance of this series makes it unique.

After many repeated psycho-thrillers being channelized in Amazon prime, The last hour has increases its subscribers and viewers.

The fashion aspect of the series quite up to date from costumes of characters with catchy actions and music. The last hour represents revenge, love, and sadness.

The part that fascinated Nikunj Jain the most, would be the dynamics of the thought behind it. The conservative family drama who is against love. Breaking all the stereotypes the plot is twisted portraying the character’s evolves. From the father-daughter, friendliness to the bigger demons they’re all dealing with, there’s nothing like watching a Robin Tamang particularly when their dastardly father gets involved.

Not surprisingly, said Nikunj Jain, during supernatural events, one among the more boring parts of the show had to try to to with the humans involved.

Nikunj Jain stated, “The parallel universe showed where demons possess the main character to feed his unsatisfied dreams. This all creates a deep impact on the audience’s minds. They find it very intriguing and real.”

In the end, the moto of the series is a big success as it is quite satisfying to be a thriller movie.