Myths Of Cordless Steam Mop That Might Trip You Up

Cordless Steam Mop

After going through thousands of reviews of all the best cordless steam mop. I came up with a few issues that come up over and over. Therefore, I thought I might put an end to a few of those myths for you to prevent you from falling into any trap.

So, I would suggest you not to believe anyone that much easier and get into their trap of selling their product. Rather do your own research and thereafter select the best cordless steam mop for you. So, without taking much time of yours, let’s move further and do check out all the Myths Of Cordless Steam Mop That Might Trip You Up.

Myths Of Cordless Steam Mop That Might Trip You Up

Myth #1. You Don’t Need To Vacuum Or Sweep Before Steam Cleaning

Most cordless steam mop can’t really replace your vacuum or broom. They do not come with any suction power to remove debris from the floor. It is possible if you get a 2 in one combination of cordless steam mop and vacuum cleaner.

So, you need to vacuum first and then use the best steam mop for cleaning. Otherwise, all the loose dust, dirt, debris and pet hair will only get pushed around and will be left in little piles all over the place.

Myth #2. They Clean Carpets Too

Some steam mops also include a tool called carpet glider. It lifts the mop an inch or two so that you can simply run the steam over the carpeting. This simply helps eliminate odors and also adds some new life to flattened fibers but let me tell you that the mop doesn’t touch the carpet and no cleaner is used. Therefore, keep this in your mind that a cordless steam mop is not a replacement for your carpet steam cleaner.

Myth #3. Safe To Use On All Floor types

Most steam mop manufacturers clarify that you should not use their specific mops on any unsealed flooring. But they also say that they are completely safe to use on all sealed flooring like laminate when that’s not necessarily the case.

Never rely on the mop manufacturer to tell you whether or not using their product is fine for your floor. Therefore, I would advise you to always check the manufacturer of your flooring first or read any care instructions that simply come up with your flooring.

Myth #4. Will Clean Grout

This is what the descriptions of the products say all the time. And we don’t really wish it was true. Grout is a big neck pain while cleaning. For removing the grout properly, you will require some elbow grease, a brush, and a chemical cleaner. Or a steam cleaner that simply shoots out pressurized steam and also includes scrubbing brushes to loosen the filth.

But let me tell you that for this job, most of the steam stick mops are not appropriate. However, there are some of the stick cordless steam mops that do clean out the grouts too.


Don’t let these myths put you off of getting a steam mop. There are some great benefits such as speed, cleaning without chemicals, and they also save a lot of money by preventing you from buying cleaning solutions and new mop head or sponges.

All it takes is to understand what they are meant to do and simply enjoy them for those reasons because there are a lot of worthwhile benefits of best steam mops all by themselves that you are surely going to get some great advantages of for sure.