Must-Have Android Apps of 2023

android apps

In recent years, the popularity of the Android OS has increased significantly. At the same time, the number of applications available to its users has also increased. As it usually happens, among them there are both successful and not very successful. We are not interested in the latter, because today we will only talk about the most high-quality and interesting ones.

The most important thing is – installing the “right” software will significantly expand the device’s capabilities. We will do this using the rating, which contains must-have Android apps.


The mobile version of the popular desktop application will become an indispensable assistant in managing a smartphone. With this app, you will be able to delete unnecessary files that occupy the memory of your gadget. CCleaner can also clear your browser history, application cache, clipboard, and call log.

The program clearly shows what certain resources of the device are used for, including RAM, processor, disk space, and battery. Another advantage is that the application is frequently updated and all bugs are fixed. The disadvantages include the amount of advertising that accompanies the user during the program operation.


Flickr is one of the most indispensable applications for those who often use a smartphone to process photos. With the help of the program, the owner will be able to trim the photo, add an inscription or a picture to it, retouch the photo or apply one of the sixteen filters to it for any taste and color. With all this, the program interface is intuitive.

Another feature of Flickr is its ability to communicate with people from all corners of the world. Add them to your friends to share photos or just participate in any discussions on different topics.


Dropbox is one of the most popular programs for sharing files between devices. If you suddenly need to transfer any document or photo from your smartphone to your computer – just upload the file to storage first from your mobile device. Then log in to your account from your computer. The process is as convenient as possible and takes minimal time.

If you often shoot videos or take photos using your smartphone – don’t store them in your phone’s memory, but upload them to Dropbox. You can access them anytime you want but save precious gigabytes. The disadvantages include the fact that to send files of certain formats to the storage, you first need to install a special Manager.


Evernote is a useful and indispensable program for any business person. With it, your smartphone becomes not only a means of communication but also a notebook, in which you can make important notes about upcoming meetings or planned business.

It’s noteworthy that in addition to text, you can add images and any files to your notes. If you do not have time for this, you can use a voice recorder and make a voice note.

By creating checklists and links to notes, Evernote can be used for planning. For added convenience, a reminder and notification system is available. The disadvantages include a limit of 60 MB of downloaded files per month for free use. To remove it, you will have to buy a subscription.


Uber service has been an alternative to taxi service for many years. You can find a driver with the Android app of the same name. With this app, you can be sure that the car will arrive at the right place and will not get lost because the app automatically determines your location, which is shown to the driver.

With Uber, you don’t have to rush to a stop anymore as the car can be ordered at any time of day.

The application has an excellent interface – it displays the photo and contact information of the driver, as well as the car number. In addition, the map shows the location of the car. It is convenient that the trip can be paid for in cash or with a card. The disadvantages include the price – rides via Uber will cost much more than if you used a regular taxi.


Bookmate is definitely the best program for reading books. In addition to being able to launch files in any text format, the application can play audiobooks.

If you do not know which book to read next, recommendations based on your preferences will help. Users will note their quality and relevance. The interface is great – it’s very convenient to bookmark or mark in the right place, as well as copy your favorite quote.

With Bookmate, you can find other fans of books, share your favorite works with them, or discuss them. The application knows how to work offline, so you don’t have to have constant access to the Internet to access your library. The disadvantages include the lack of categories and subcategories, as well as some information about books. For example, some works do not display the year of publication.