Michael Theodorou, Leader of Top Tier Group, a Product Supplier and Global Exporter

As the experienced CEO of Top Tier Group of Companies, Michael Theodorou leads five successful companies, including Top Tier Airlink, Top Tier Containers, Mein Haus Staging, Top Tier Safety Supplies, and Top Tier Moving. The company offers 20,000 products, which can be purchased online, and then ships them to customers around the world from its North American warehouses. “It’s a busy job, of course,” he says, “and each day is a new adventure for me. No matter what happens, I am always impressed by the dedication of our employees, who work efficiently to provide our clients with their orders.”

Top Tier has recently expanded with the purchase of a new warehouse in Ontario, Canada. “As we increase our ability to ship quickly to our customers no matter where they are, we expect to see the same success in 2023 that Top Tier has achieved in previous years,” Michael Theodorou states.

Logistics: A Top Tier Speciality

“No shipping company could ever succeed without superior logistics, and that is why Top Tier has been so successful,” Michael Theodorou says. “When we created Top Tier, we analyzed every part of the shipping process to find ways we could improve it. That is why we are so efficient. Now that we have this new warehouse, we expect our ability to process and move orders will be even faster than it has been.”

Both businesses and individuals benefit from Top Tier’s capabilities and products, including with moving and storage. “We have high-quality storage containers of all sizes, and we can take care of your global air freight needs,” Michael Theodorou states. “We can also unpack and dispose of your packing materials.”

Top Tier also offers staging through their company, Mein Haus. Michael Theodorou explains, “Mein Haus is a certified advanced staging company that assists sellers in the housing market.” He continues, “Top Tier’s contemporary marketing team stages homes to appeal to potential home buyers.” The business has a very systematic approach to everything they do, offering top-notch customer service and catering to the specific needs of every client. Michael Theodorou states, “The company continues to hire the most qualified individuals for every aspect of the company, from the warehouse to their live customer service representatives.”

Top Tier Officially Received Its MDEL Licence Level 3 Certification

Michael Theodorou states, “Just last May, Top Tier officially received its MDEL Licence Level 3 certification.”  Top Tier had already anticipated the needs of Candian citizens and had acquired their licence to distribute. This certification allowed Top Tier to effectively deliver COVID-19 vaccines to more clients when Canadian citizens needed it the most. The previous year Top Tier announced the opening of Top Tier Medical Supplies. Again, anticipating the need that quickly turned into desperation for PPE. Michael Theodorou explains, “We wanted to take on the responsibility of delivering and distributing medical supplies to as many frontline workers, essential workers, adn individuals as we could.”

The Foresight of Top Tier 

Because Top Tier is always striving to better the lives of their clients, they decided to take on the responsibility and launch Top Tier Medical Supplies in March of 2023 when the pandemic began to distribute PPE. Michael Theodorou explains, “The new corporation was primarily established to help countries in different parts of the world fight the COVID-19 pandemic by making quality PPE items easily accessible to them.” Michael Theodorou continues, “However, we were also able to assist and do business with hospital brokers, surgeons, and pharmacies as well as front-line workers and hospitality chains.” They foresaw the need for PPE and COVID-19 vaccines delivery and stayed ahead of the game to save lives.

Top Tier Business Award

The company earned the North American Business Award because they have the ability to foresee and fulfill the needs of their clients. Top Tier stays ahead of the curve. Michael Theodorou explains, “Each division of the company consists of exceptionally experienced professional teams that are dedicated to delivering economical and quality products to their clients.”

Top Tier Is an International Exporter and Product Supplier within Multiple Markets. 

As the world adjusts to the new post-pandemic normal, Michael Theodorou says Top Tier will always be there for its clients. “No matter what happens, our clients will be able to expect the same great service and commitment to detail that helps our products arrive quickly and safely,” he says. “Top Tier will never lose that superior work ethic we have become known for.”

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