Metal-clad Cable Market is expected to reach value of US$ 21.7 Bn by 2025

Mission-critical applications such as fire alarm systems and healthcare facilities are helping manufacturers in the metal-clad cable market to stay afloat during the coronavirus outbreak. Although the semiconductor industry has not been much affected by the pandemic, volatility in supply and demand has been witnessed during 2020 and now in the first quarter of 2021. Hence, manufacturers in the metal-clad cable market are adopting the plug-and-play mode to keep economies running during volatile demand and supply.

Countries including Canada, India, Brazil, and certain European countries are struggling with a third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Hence, companies are adopting strategic measures such as entering into agreements to manage debt and investment in new technologies to efficiently manage finances.

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Utility, Commercial Projects Trigger Demand for Metal-clad Armored Cables

Metal-clad armored cables are being highly publicized as a cost-effective alternative to traditional pipe and wire. However, rising price and limited availability of conduit have having a strong impact on a contractor’s profitability. Hence, manufacturers are increasing their production capabilities and availability for metal-clad armored cables, which help to eliminate the need for electrical conduit.

Companies in the metal-clad cable market are boosting their output capacities for metal-clad armored cables, since they are gaining popularity for providing high mechanical protection and durability in construction and industrial applications. Moreover, these cables require fewer labor hours during installation. Metal-clad armored cables are growing prominent in industrial, utility, and commercial projects. Interlocked armor is flexible unlike the electrical conduit. Such cables are being used in installations where close-spaced bends are involved.

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Aluminum, Steel Interlocked Armor Gain Prominence in Direct Burial Applications

The metal-clad cable market is predicted to expand at a modest CAGR of ~4% during the forecast period. Companies are bolstering their production capabilities in metal-clad armored instrumentation cables to tap into incremental opportunities in installations at raceways and direct burial applications. Shawcor – a company specializing in technology-based products is unlocking business opportunities in outdoor exposed industrial applications by providing its metal-clad armored instrumentation cables.

Metal-clad armored instrumentation cables are acquiring prominence for converting analogue and digital signals. Such applications are translating into value-grab opportunities for manufacturers in the metal-clad cable market that are increasing focus on product construction using aluminum interlocked armor (AIA) and steel interlocked armor (SIA).

Smooth Profiles in Metal-clad Cables Improve Pulling Experience

There is a growing demand for metal-clad cables that make the pulling experience less noisy and relatively fast. This has led to the popularity of MC Glide™ offered by AFC Cable Systems®, and are helping to improve the cable pulling experience. Manufacturers in the metal-clad cable market are taking cues from such innovations to develop cables that glide through metal studs and ceilings, whilst offering a smooth, fast, and quiet pulling experience.

Companies in the metal-clad cable market are increasing their R&D muscle to innovate in products that reduce friction and move easily without sacrificing on flexibility and strength. They are incorporating smooth profiles in cables to provide less resistance and allow installers to work faster.

Cutting-edge Metal-clad Cables Deploy Superior Performance in Wet Electrical Environments

Rugged durability, flexibility, and corrosion resistance are top priorities of end users in the metal-clad cable market. Belden Incorporated – a U.S.-based manufacturer of networking, connectivity, and cable products, is expanding its product portfolio in metal-clad cables that are easy to handle and meet the needs of demanding environments. Aluminum interlocking armor is being highly preferred in metal-clad cables and eliminate the need for costly conduit.

In order to expand revenue streams, manufacturers in the metal-clad cable market are developing products that deploy superior performance in wet electrical environments and extreme indoor & outdoor temperatures. They are developing cables that align with versatile installation options involving projects such as cable trays. Clients are demanding reliable connections in direct burial applications.

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