Mario Fleurima Say’s That “ Kid’s Are Afraid To Take A Chance In Basketball” During Radio Station 96.1 Interview


Like many other sports, Basketball is one that has vast popularity over the world among kids to aged people. Many young people want to grow their career as a basketball player, whereas others are often afraid of dreaming about it even. Though Basketball was invented in America, it has spread its spark to other countries among the self-motivated.

Reasons That Leads People Behind Nowadays in Basketball

Self-motivation is always encouraged as the best weapon for oneself who has a passion in a particular sector like Basketball. If we talk about a very passionate basketball player Mario Fleurima who was criticized many people around him. He faced my problems and criticism over his career even though the beginning of his career. You will get tons of people who demotivate passionate people when they see they will do something great. It’s quite a common phenomenon that people are jealous of other’s achievements.

For that reason, Mario Fleurima had told once that nowadays, kids are frightened to accept challenges in Basketball when he was interviewing in a popular radio. It may; he points out the thought because he saw the struggle during his start point. He was very much passionate more than lucky, and he knew what he was dreaming. But nowadays, young are not determined what they want to do in their life phase though they are interested.

Maybe other reasons arise threats to the people, as many people have come to the battlefield, and they feel insecure based on the significant number of participants. Many younger people suffer in frustration while they can fight it with their strengths and hard work.


How to Stay Motivated to be Basketball Professional

If we think deeply, why Basketball was invented? It may come into mind first that people were in a lack of its need. So it can be said easily that Basketball has brought a massive opportunity for young people to leave many things behind.

If we think about Mario Fleurima how much he did LeVel Up to Train himself, we can understand his practice’s dedication and faithfulness. Beginning of his training, he couldn’t believe in himself. Still, later on, he made himself a professional basketball player who has extraordinary popularity among the people even as an idle to youngers.

Nobody can help others until he or she believes in him or her first. Self-courage is such a thing that made anything possible. So if we talk about Basketball, then it can be an excellent profession for the youngers. So we have tried to make some great pieces of training materials by Mario to help you grow your skill through training like him.

Never go away from that thing you are passionate about and keep your hands dirty doing it until the light comes out from it and enlightens your surroundings as the sun does.

So it’s a significant opportunity for the young people to shine with Level up training guides. So lit it up until you reach your goal.