Making the final table in playing poker

While on Poker Online Terpercaya, you will get to get the advice of how to get to the holy grail of poker, which is the final table. You don’t have to commit the cardinal sin of the entire cardinal sin when it comes to poker tournament.

You should never assume that you are the one who owns the chips that are in your stack. It is not a cash game. And there is no single time that you will be able to get up and cash the chips. The chips used in poker tournaments don’t have the same value as the chips for cash games. It means that, at the end of tournament, there is no single player who wins 100% of the prize money.

When it comes to tournaments, big real money is normally at the final table. To get there it takes focus and a lot of hard work from you as the player. Even if you are leading with the number of chips, there is no single time that you will have enough chips.


You need to utilize the opportunity so that you take advantage of players who are tightening up the game. They require you to make the final table but are at the same time, going the wrong way.  The following are tips that might help you while at the final table and how to make to the final table quite often:

Stay aggressive

It should be the case and especially at the final stages of the game. While your opponents will try holding on their chips, you need to utilize yours so that you get more. If you happen to see a middle player who constantly keeps folding on their button to the blinds while in their late position, you will need to raise their button at any given opportunity. If they happen not to have any concern about placing pressure onto the blinds, then you should.

Keep pressure on the short stacks

The players on short stacks late in the tournaments tend to get away because of many reasons – in most cases from a beat which is bad, or from a passive play that is overly tight. The good news should be that, you need to take advantage of both in order to help you to go to the final table with a stack that is healthy.

Keep your attention out of the 3bet steam from the loser who is bad and utilize the opportunity to take the rest of the chips that they have. If you can, try pressuring the player that is tight passive into having to give up on their blinds and having to fold on a scary post flop, wet boards.

Get the players who are tightening up

When you get closer to the final table, you will get a lot of players who tend to be afraid of losing their chips and you will easily spot them. They are the type of players go from raising the button to having to fold the BB to a mini raise SB.