Machine Glazed Papers Industry Poised To Garner Maximum Revenues By 2027

Product packaging has evolved rapidly over the past decade. Now packaging isn’t just packaging; it’s an experience. From manufacturers to retailers, everyone is looking for a fresher, greener, and yet attractive packaging solutions for their products to meet consumers’ demands. One such solution is machine glazed paper or MG paper. With high strength and a perfect balance of gloss and smoothness, machine glazed papers have become the new standard of packaging solution. Their superior printability is also adding to their demand, substantially.

The global machine glazed papers market is constantly evolving. The dynamics in this consumption-driven market keeps on changing due to frequent changes in trends. This report offers a comprehensive analysis of the worldwide machine glazed papers market, taking trends and prospects in consideration. It also presents a thorough assessment of the key segments of this market and an insight into their impact on the market’s performance. Some of the key applications are in the food, medical, furniture, and textile industries.

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Machine Glazed Papers Market: Competitive Analysis and Notable Developments

With relatively modest market share in the hands of tier 1 players, the global machine glazed papers market demonstrates a fragmented and highly competitive business landscape. The continued entry of new players also adds to this fragmentation and competition all the more. Some of the key participants in this market are:

  • International Paper APPM
  • Daio Paper
  • BPM
  • Nippon Paper Industries
  • Burgo Group
  • Smurfit Kappa
  • Mondi Group
  • Verso Corp.
  • Charta Global
  • SCG Packaging

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The leading players are focusing more on expanding their production capacities to meet the mounting demands for machine glazed papers. They are also investing heavily in R&D to offer innovative products with enhanced features to keep themselves ahead of their peers. Here is a snapshot of the notable market developments that happened in recent past:

  • Verso Corp., a leading producer of flexible packaging and label and converting papers, introduced two new series of lightweight machine glazed natural kraft papers in 2017. The product series were named as GlazeWrap NK and GlazeBag NK. The specialty of these papers is that these are produced using unbleached virgin fiber. With this, the company planned to cater to the burgeoning demand for unbleached fiber papers from consumer brands. These brands increasingly strive to include a natural look and feel into their product packaging.
  • Charta Global, a prominent provider of specialty and graphical papers and food grade and packaging boards, announced the addition of Enza Kraft to its specialty paper portfolio. With this, the company is responding to the market’s demand for unique specialty grade papers and looks forward to continual expansion in its customer base.

Machine Glazed Papers Market Dynamics

The trend influencing the global machine glazed papers market the most at present is the promotion of sustainable packaging. Manufacturers, nowadays, are utilizing paper as a sustainable packaging alternative to traditional packaging solutions. Especially, the food and beverage, medical and healthcare, textiles, automotive, cosmetics and personal care, building and construction, electrical and electronics, and the household sectors are relying more on paper packaging. With the ideal combination of sustainability and attractiveness, machine glazed papers have surfaced as the perfect packaging choice for these industries.

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Asia Pacific Leads Global Machine Glazed Papers Market

North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and Latin America are the main geographical segments of the global machine glazed papers market. With a substantial share concentrated in China, the global dominance is with Asia Pacific. The country boasts of a large pool of packaging manufacturers, which translates in higher production of packaging materials, including machine glazed papers.

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