Lisbon beer hunting

In the secret craft beer paradise called Lisbon, thirst for hop-oriented beers is never enough. In a relatively new and young movement, the first craft beer bar opened in 2014, the opportunities to create something new and totally different from the market leader everyman lagers has attracted many, and now the craft brewing cultures is growing day to day. The story of the Portuguese beer renaissance will be familiar to anyone who has followed the arc of the American craft beer brewing, and everything, as widely common in other countries, starts with hop.

Simcoe IPA (single hop IPA – 6% abv), CaparIPA (american IPA – 5,6% abv), 4×4 Black Ipa (black IPA – 7% abv), TangerIPA (neipa – 7% abv). The list may be even longer, but even to a non-expert, it’s clear how Gallas Brewery with its 21 Brewpub has fully intercepted the hoppy wave and the demand for new and fresh flavors. Located in the eastern part of Lisbon (Rua Angelina Vidal), in the area that is increasingly becoming the “Beer district” of the capital, Gallas 21 Brewpub is the brewing link between Brazil and Portugal. From the origins of its creators, Gustavo Gallas and Vinicius Praça, to the name (21 is the telephone prefix for Rio de Janeiro and Lisbon) there’s a lot that reminds the oversea South American country. At Gallas brewery the beer production is in the sub-basement, the warehouse in the basement and the bar on the ground floor. Less than 10 meters from the fermenter to the glass, the perfect path to keep quality and freshness at their best, especially when working with hoppy beers. But there’s more than hop. With 15 taps, Gallas 21 brewpub offers a wide beers range on rotation: from light Belgian style Wit Cinco De Abril (Wit Witbeer – 5% abv) to easy drinking Alfacinha (Lager – 4,2% abv) up to real beer-geek specialties such as Extremadura (habaneros IPA – 6% abv), All The Way To Stout (mint stout – 7% abv), Boris (American style imperial stout – 9% abv) and Mango Milkshake Double Neipa (milkshake IPA – 7.5% abv). A true paradise for beer-lovers. More than that, guest beers from all over the world completes the choice, ranging for German Weissbier to Belgian Grisette, which specialties in continuous rotation. From the novice to the most demanding beer expert, there’s more than a reason to visit Gallas 21 Brewpub: local handcrafted fresh beers on tap, Portuguese and European guest products and dozens of bottles and cans. Not just drinking? To accompany the beers there’s more than a choice. Sandwiches, nachos, Portuguese food and the hallmark of the house: real Brazilian hamburgers served with seasonal recipes. Ask the staff about beers and food, and they will explain everything with true and sincere passion.

Gallas 21 Brewpub is a must for every beer traveler across Portugal and a home for locals. A full immersion in tasty craft beers and amazing food surrounded by a familiar and friendly atmosphere. Deep into this authentic Portuguese beer experience and support them. A secret gem in a secret paradise.