Lightning Protection Products Market to Reach US$ 6.1 Bn by 2031

Lightning Protection Products Help Avoid High Hospitalization Cost amid COVID-19 Crisis

Areas and regions with high active COVID-19 cases are being advised to prepare for emergency in cases of thunderstorms. Stakeholders in industrial and commercial sectors are avoiding extra costs associated with hospitalization and insurance by investing in lightning protection products. Thus, manufacturers in the lightning protection products market are taking advantage of shifting consumer trends during the coronavirus crisis.

Restricted transportation and a significant dip in overall expenditures by consumers are disrupting the revenue flow in the lightning protection products market. As such, COVID-19 vaccines are anticipated to ignite trade activities and bring them back to normal by the end of 2021. Thus, suppliers and manufacturers are focusing on mission-critical projects in construction, healthcare, and infrastructure sectors to keep economies running during the pandemic.

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Pros, Cons of Grounding Systems Require Continuous Troubleshoot, R&D

Different protection systems such as rods, meshed conductors, and catenary wires, among others have several advantages including easy installation, reduction of electromagnetic radiating effects within the protected structure, and protection of open zones, respectively. However, disadvantages of rods lead to limitations in protecting small size structures, while meshed conductors are complex and costly to install. On the other hand, catenary wires are potentially dangerous in handling areas where lifting equipment is used. Hence, continuous troubleshoot of issues and R&D helps to advance in product innovations.

Companies in the lightning protection products market are increasing their production capabilities in protection by natural components that are gaining popularity for external protection applications.

High-rise Modern Infrastructures in India Trigger Demand for Lightning Protection Products

High-rise structures such as buildings, hotels, chimneys, and airports in India are fueling the demand for lightning protection products. JMV LPS Ltd. – an earthing & lightning safety equipment manufacturing company is capitalizing on this opportunity to provide air terminals, ground connections, lightning arrestors, and the likes to meet demanding specifications of high-rise modern infrastructures.

Technological advancements in electronic devices and electrical installations are translating into incremental opportunities for manufacturers in the lightning protection products market. Innovations in bonding components include branch conductors that offer protection against side flashes by connecting metal objects with the grounding system. Tunnels, refineries, hospitals, and commercial towers are broadening revenue streams for lightning protection components.

Certified Lightning Protection Professionals Install Components in Accordance with Recognized Standards

The proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies are giving rise to a more complex and interconnected world. Such trends are emerging as key drivers of the lightning protection products market, since the need to keep electrical systems away from damage is gaining importance. Hence, UL, LLC – a global independent safety science company is creating awareness about certified suppliers pertaining to lightning protection for smart structures and surge protection.

Rigorous tests and certificates for lightning protection systems are bolstering the credibility of manufacturers. Service providers in the lightning protection products market are increasing efforts to install electrical components in accordance with applicable recognized standards.

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High Quality Materials in Products Ensure Safety of Individuals, Buildings

A more complex and interconnected world owing to AI, IoT, and robotics has compelled manufacturers in the U.K. lightning protection products market to upgrade their design capabilities. Advanced Lightning Protection Systems Ltd. based in the U.K. is gaining recognition for using high quality materials in products that ensure safety of both individuals and their buildings from unpredictable threat of lightning.

Companies in the U.K. lightning protection products market are increasing their R&D capabilities to innovate in lightning protection mechanisms that are designed to intercept the lightning strike before it hits the building and brings the electrical energy down to the ground safely.

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