Light Pipe Market challenges, competition, and regional analysis

The global light pipe market is likely to register robust growth during 2019-2027 periods. Light pipes are a modern environmental marvel for the construction industry. These small and aesthetically appeasing pipes are widely used in commercial complexes as well as residential areas. Their main purpose includes emitting light tint of electricity to keep areas lit with a pleasant ambience. Additionally, these are also ideal for saving energy costs and reduce carbon footprints. Their modern applications and growing use in commercial places like restaurants, stores, and luxury homes is expected to drive significant growth for the light pipe market in the near future. The high costs of these pipes remain a concern initiatially. However, as economies of scale kicks-in, these light pipes are expected to witness far lower costs during the forecast period.

Light Pipe Market: Notable Developments

According to, Apple is considering the use of light tubes for its watches. The company is mulling the use of light pipes or tubes to light up dials in low light situations in an aesthetically pleasing manner. This is likely to become a real feature soon as Apple has also gained a patent in the regard in 2019. Considering the fashionable style of Apple watches and its brand value, this can be a major boon for the light pipe market. It would not only push other smartphone makers to imitate its offerings, but can also make lighting within brands the new style statement. This is likely to become a major news in the near future in the light pipe market.

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Indoor plant lighting systems are also expected to drive significant revenues in the light pipe market in the near future. Recently, Rotofarms recently cropped in Australia wherein the type of farming made ways for better produce. These kinds of agricultural techniques are becoming important as urbanization inhibits growth of fresh produce and consumer demand for the same rises. These farms are highly dependent on solar energy which can be emitted with the help of light tubes and farms like these such as hydroponics are on the rise. Recently, a Google founder also invested in a farming start-up which promises to bring fresh produce within the reach of urban vicinities. This is an application definitely to watch out for in the light pipe market in the near future.

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Global Light Pipe Market: Drivers and Restraints

The global light pipe market is likely to witness major growth in automotive industry as well. Currently, the auto industry is witnessing a major downfall in sales, thanks partially to the slowed economy and growing difficulties in owning and purchasing cars. However, major automakers are witnessing a growing interest towards next-gen vehicles loaded with top-tech such as sensors, cameras, automated driving technology, and connectivity which is expected to become the next horizon of innovation in the industry. However, the current sensor and camera technology is limited in its ability to project light and see movement during nights. This is expected to drive significant growth of light tubes in traffic and highway management. Additionally, lighting inside cars is also likely to become more attractive as ambience of new cars is expected to become more important in the near future.

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Global Light Pipe Market: Geographical Analysis

The global light pipe market is expected to witness robust growth in North America region. Growing demand for lighting solutions, rising demand in the food and beverage sector, and rising disposable incomes are expected to drive growth of the solutions. Additionally, the market is also expected to witness robust growth in Asia pacific region. The rising disposable incomes, the culture of various festivities, and growing demand for lighting solutions are expected to drive growth of the market.

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