Kitchener Limo Service

Black Stretch limousine waiting for guests to arrive

What is Kitchener Limo Service?

Kitchener Limo service is the number one rental car service. The reason for our fame is the grand and luxurious limo, perfect in time, makes your ride a memorable one. We want our customers to invest in us because we know the value of money and how hard it is to earn money.


Punctuality is what our customers love about our service. If you want to have a booking in an emergency, we can still prepare the limo for you, and for that, you just have to make us a call. When hiring the car, you just have to tell us the time you want to reach the venue, and leave the rest to us because our service will look for the shortest, safe and smoothest route for your destination and before coming to your pickup, we will send you the time on which our driver will arrive at your location. In any case, if our driver is not able to drive you if the limo got a problem, then we will surely compensate and we will not allow you to be at loss; therefore, we will send another limo for you.

Rely on our security

Safety comes first. We have never met any accident because our drivers are well-trained and very cautious. You can always ask our regulars about the safety we provide during the ride. Before the ride, the car is double-checked, the engine, the brakes, the steering, and the head and backlights. Kitchener Limo service uses the finest oil in the limos. The car can be driven on gas and petrol too so if the car runs out of oil, which has never been the case, the car can still run on gas and petrol. We always keep extra things in case anything goes wrong, but first of all we will do not have limos that have defects.


Space is all we want during our journey to sit comfortably and if you are too tired to sit, you can lie on the seats. If you are carrying luggage with you, the limo has got a large trunk at the back. We have a mini sidebar that includes all the lavish drinks for you to enjoy because what is a celebration without beverages?

Well-educated staff 

Our staff is very well-educated, courteous, and respectful to the clients. On our website, you can easily communicate with them. Our chauffeurs are extremely professional, polite and vigilant, they take their every task seriously and they will help you with everything. You can use any language to communicate with our staff because we have a variety of staff speaking and understanding every language.

Easily Approachable

You can reach us through the website and our office. If you have any questions regarding your booking or specifically about your limo or driver, you can ask on the website and we will answer to you immediately. We are always available for you to contact us via the website or even come visit us.

Facilities we provide you 

The inside of the deluxe limo contains comfy and cozy seats having very soft and smooth seat covers, a lavishing carpet, a small refrigerator with snacks, and drinks in it. Furthermore, you can use the internet because we have built-in Wi-Fi in all our limos. The music system makes your ride joyous, apart from one big LED screen, the small television screens will entertain you and the GPS will let you arrive at the venue on time. You can also enjoy the sunroof of our limos.

Our limos are available in every color so you can choose which one you want, and we have a variety of designs for the interior of the car but if you want the interior of you desire, you can inform us of the details. You also have the option to ride the limo yourself if you do not want to hire a chauffuer.

Giving you the best experience in an affordable amount

Kitchener Limo service provides you with the best in such an amount that anyone can easily afford the deal. When you become our regular, you will have different offers that will be beneficial for you.