Kayteria Knott – The Coming Of Age Smart Logistical Supply

Lack of awareness, diversity issues, piss poor mangement and working patterns are contributing factors that’s holding the supply chain industry back in employee recruitment and retention areas.  Kayteria Knott – feels as though she is one of the many people who can change these negative demographics to positive.

 Kayteria  believes that one of the biggest issues facing the supply chain sector which threatens innovation, is lack of having great leadership , a lack of diversity culturally, gender wise and sexual orientation wise. She also feels as though a downturn in the field of supply chain management was due to not promoting from peoples proven good work ethic and senority, whereas the wrong people are promoted , supported and applauded because of politics, receiving sexual favors, and playing favorites. Kayteria had stated that she deeply feels as though she can turn the corruption around – and into a positive light amid the determent of so many logisiticans. 

 Her ultimate unbiased perspective is to develop and increase her knowledge in the areas of supply and logistics – enlisting in the reserves was a catalyst to this motive. 

Per Knott, what had attracted her to the supply chain mangement and logistics field was because  logisticians support a lot of world efforts , and are highly essential. supply chain mangement and logistics are important phases of a product’s life, including allocation, distribution, and delivery. Furthermore, supply chain management  is a fantastic career path for anyone.

 For many people their interests, desires, and goals will change over time. A great feature of supply chain careers is that there are so many options and directions that as your goals change you can easily change within Supply Chain Mangement.

Ms.Knott stated that. “The highlight of her time spent with the 824th QM Divison was learning  how to pack supply properly so – that it could be checked (QA/QC)  by the units Air Riggers and then become airborne appropriately delivered (Heavy Air Drop Supply). In essence, the job that I did was ensuring that government property was securely packed, padded, and loaded onto a flight skid/flight pallets. From that point, it was loaded on to a flight to be delivered via parachute.”

She had further stated that “With seeing this, I learned the importance of primary chutes deploying as soon as any items are clear of the aircraft’s rear opening.” I was able to be a staple in projects such as preparing and packing MRE pallets, Humvees, and many other essential brigades, battalion, and the unit level demanded items to keep missions and tasks successful. Once the team that I was paired with packed all of these things – it was then considered Heavy Air Drop Supply and delivered to missions or CSTXS airborne. CSTX is a large-scale training exercise where units-of-action experience tactical-training scenarios specifically designed to replicate real-world missions. 

While learning proper supply and logistics leadership techniques. This opportunity had earned her promotion while being paired with that unit.