Jute Bags Market : Excessive Growth Opportunities Estimated To Be Experienced

The jute comes from the strip and stem of jute fibre which is a natural fibre. The jute bags made from a vegetable fibre called jute are environment-friendly bags that are 100% biodegradable which causes no harm to the environment. The jute bags are majorly used in food, agriculture, household, and other industries to store and transport the variety of products. The jute bags are available in various capacity. The jute can be grown abundantly without using pesticides and also it does not require a large portion of land to cultivate which makes it possible for the jute bags manufacturer to get the raw material easily and at a low cost. The jute bags are long-lasting and after use, they can also be reused for storing and carrying the products. These jute bags have high moisture resistance and fire resistance properties which makes them stronger and durable. Major retail store avoids using plastic bags, and this generates the market opportunity for the jute bags market. Also, the jute bags are light in weight and are affordable among various other eco-friendly products. Overall the market for jute bags seems rapidly growing in the forecasted period with the expanding usage of jute bags in food, chemical, and household industries along which the product customization provided by jute bags manufacturer.

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Jute Bags Market: Dynamics

The major factor driving the growth of the jute bags market is the ban of plastic bags in various countries. The jute bags are durable along with various properties such as re-useable, recyclable, biodegradable, cost-effective which makes them stand on the front side among other material bags such as plastic bags and paper bags. The jute bags are strong which makes them capable of carrying more weight. On the back of this factor, jute bags are more in demand in food industries to store and transport food grains. The jute bags are long-lasting, they do not tear easily as plastic and paper bags which makes them popular among the end users. Also, the jute as a material has good antistatic and insulating properties which makes the bags strong. The jute bags are the best suitable considering the sustainability concerns as they are eco-friendly as well as cost-effective. The jute bags can withstand prolonged exposure to weather and water which increases their effectiveness among the end-use industries. The jute bags are used for both industrial as well as household purpose. The jute bags used for household purpose can be customized and that makes it eye-catching also. Considering the downside of jute, jute bags do not have a crease-resistance property and it slowly loses its strength when it gets wet. This hampers the market growth of the jute bags market. The future outlook for the jute bags market is anticipated to rise considering the benefits provided by jute bags.

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Jute Bags Market: Regional Outlook

Based on geography, the jute bags market is categorized into North America, Latin America, Europe, APAC, and MEA Regions. The countries such as India, China, and Bangladesh have the largest production of jute in the APAC region which attract the manufacturer of jute bags to expand their production facilities in these areas as this provides the benefit of the low cost of production. The increased sustainable concern in the United States and various countries of Europe generates the market opportunity for jute bags market in these regions. Also, the increased trade of food grains in various countries increases the demand for the jute bags globally.

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Jute Bags Market: Key Players

Some of the leading global jute bags manufacturers: –

  • Bombay Bags
  • PEMA Verpackung GmbH
  • Trident Jute

Some of the leading APAC jute bags manufacturers: –

  • Zest tex
  • Jute Cotton Bags
  • Asia Jute
  • Cotheeka Jute Industry
  • TopTrans International

Regional Analysis Includes:

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • Middle East & Africa (MEA)
  • APAC

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