Innovation In The Online Eyewear Industry

The internet technology has advanced to such an extent that now we are able to shop online without any hesitation and resistance. The latest technology and trends have opened up new avenues for innovation and advancements in every industry. In online shopping, you may not be able to touch and feel the product. So, in order to cater to this apprehension of the consumers, the tech geeks have introduced the virtual try-on feature to choose glasses and sunglasses online. This is one of the latest innovations in the eyewear industry. Now you can virtually try-on any sunglasses and see how your favorite pick looks on you.

Guide to The Virtual Try-On Feature:

Virtual Try-on, through your webcam, let you see what you’ll look like in new glasses or sunglasses. Only upload a picture, and the Virtual Try-on feature place frames digitally over your face. You can also share outcomes with friends to help you determine if the new glasses or shades look good on you or not. Explore your options to find frames that suit the shape of your face and personal style without even leaving home. It’s all part of the purpose of to make eyeglasses and sunglasses shopping online fast and friendly.

Step 1:

By using your smartphone, click on a clear image that will recognize your face through virtual try-on feature.

Step 2:

From the given catalog, select a frame or sunglasses you want. Explore different frames and shades from the collection.

Step 3:

Move or drag the selected frame with the pointers and set the frame in the middle of your face.

Step 4:

After adjustment of your picture with the chosen frame, you have to upload the photos for the order in real-time. With the simple sharing feature in the virtual eyeglasses try-on app, you can share the final picture with your friends.


Shopping online with this new added feature has revolutionized the eyewear industry. Judy Rivkin reported in the New York Daily News, “You don’t have the pressure of a saleswoman telling you that “you have to get it!”


There are various benefits of the virtual eyewear try-on features that assist you in your shopping experience. Few of them are,


  • Improve Customer Experience: The virtual try-on helps you to choose from a variety of frames and sunglasses that looks best on you. Now virtual views of different shapes and models of eyewear are easily accessible.


  • Social sharing: Upload and post your image on the social network with your try-on glasses.


  • Explore the virtual world: Virtual try-on glasses can be tried just in a matter of seconds. Users can search for several frames without hassle.


  • Easy Customization Options: The user can change the pattern, color, size, and much more with the custom app option. This helps keep the consumer happy.
  • Strong decision-making: The virtual try-on glasses support an efficient method of decision-making that lets consumers select the product quickly. Virtual try-on apps promise to provide immense opportunities. It is the next big help for consumers to connect and purchase online glasses. Trying different glass frames can help businesses efficiently involve the consumer. It also saves time for customers and money for brands. The Virtual Try-on feature is an inexpensive and realistic choice for purchasing glasses at home.