Infrared Firefighter Mask Market Overview, Supply and Consumption Analysis 2027

  • Firefighters are using traditional handheld thermal imaging cameras since the past few years which helps them to navigate through the thick smoke during a fire. By the technological advancement in thermal and infrared cameras that reduces the size of camera and which is easy to use for firefighters.
  • The manufacturers are expected to provide more advance infrared enabled firefighter mask which is hand free solution for firefighter. The infrared firefighter mask helps to increase the efficiency of the firefighter during fires. The fire areas can be visible through the infrared firefighter mask which would help firefighters to take quick action against any critical fire situation. In the infrared firefighter mask, the firefighters are able to see survivors brighter than room temperature which helps to improve the firefighter visibility.
  • This feature is expected to increase the adoption of the infrared firefighter mask in the fire department during the forecast period.

Increase in demand to enhance vision and efficiency of firefighters during fires with infrared vision

  • The demand for advanced solutions in fire department to control fires more efficiently, avoid the loss of firefighters, and reduce physical damage drives the infrared firefighter mask market. The vision clarity is more important to save human life in the area which is filled with smoke and fire. This is expected to fuel the infrared firefighter mask market during the forecast period. The firefighter department is likely to increase the adoption of the infrared firefighter mask for increasing the efficiency and accuracy during a critical fire situation. The adoption of the infrared firefighter mask is expected to increase during the forecast period by the fire department to reduce the physical damages and loss of firefighter during the work.

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High Cost of Infrared Firefighter Mask

  • The cost of the infrared firefighter mask is higher than regular firefighter mask. The infrared firefighter mask is enabled with infrared cameras which provides the clear vision to firefighter. This infrared technology increases the price of the firefighter mask which is expected to restrain the infrared firefighter mask market.

Infrared Firefighter Mask Market: Competitive Landscape

The 3M Company

  • Founded in 1902, the 3M Company has its headquarters in Maplewood, Minnesota, U.S. The 3M Company is a global provider of respiratory protection, gas & flame detection, and thermal imaging products. The company provides solutions to various industries such as building and construction, emergency management, energy & utility, manufacturing, steel, mining, petrochemicals, law enforcement, and water & waste water. The company supplies infrared firefighter masks enabled with infrared cameras for a better visibility in a fire area.

FLIR Systems, Inc.

  • Founded in 1978, FLIR Systems, Inc. is based in Wilsonville, Oregon, U.S. The company is a leading manufacturer of thermal imaging solutions and imaging sensors. It offers infrared camera cores, stereo imaging system, thermal security cameras, handheld thermal cameras, and firefighting cameras. The company provides application solutions to government & defense, public safety & transportation, research & development, marine, and home and outdoor. The company also offers thermography software, high speed data recorders, and spherical imaging systems.

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Rosenbauer International AG.

  • Founded in 1866, Rosenbauer International AG. Is based in Leonding, Austria. The company is a major manufacturer of disaster protection and firefighting systems. It provides the fire fighter vehicles, firefighting equipment, and fire extinguishing systems. The company has manufacturing plants in the North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific regions. The company operates its business more than 100 countries.