Industry analysis on Content Moderation Solutions Trends,Top Manufacturers, Market Growth,Share, Historical Background And 2027

Content Moderation Solutions Market – Growing Need Across all Industries

Since the birth of the Internet and web, every industry has commenced to shift a significant part of its operations onto a digital platform. While the Internet has facilitated communication and marketing operations for many, it is also becoming a popular platform for posting illegal, inappropriate, and illicit content. The incessant rise in objectionable content being posted on the Internet is calling for effective content moderation solutions to disincentivize hate speech and the spread of violence that is polluting the online community.

The need for content moderation varies with the form of content, such as comment moderation, image or video moderation, and sentiment moderation, and will only increase as the volume of content that is being uploaded online is increasing at an unparalleled rate. Most social media companies are implementing strict community guidelines to create standards for the type of content that can be posted on these platforms, and a mounting number of companies operating in the content moderation solutions market are jumping at this opportunity with innovative ways of implementing effective content moderation solutions with accuracy and precision.

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Understanding the huge growth prospects in the content moderation solutions market, Transparency Market Research (TMR) has identified the immense potential for these solutions and services across a wide range of industries undergoing digital transition, and provides a 360-degree analysis on how the content moderation industry is expected to change in the coming years.

Understanding the significant growth prospects in this market, Transparency Market Research (TMR) has identified the immense potential for content moderation solutions and services across a wide range of industries undergoing digital transition, and provides a 360-degree analysis on how the content moderation industry is expected to change in the coming years.

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Content Moderation Solutions Market: Human Vs. Robots

In a bid to create a healthy online community amidst the burgeoning rise of social media, human resources involved in content moderation processes have expressed their opinions about the work being difficult to stomach. The distressing nature of work in the content moderation solutions market has led to radical criticism from across the world, and the market required a tectonic shift in the way operational decisions were made in the content moderation industry.

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In 2018, the global market for content moderation solutions reached a value of nearly US$ 4,800 million, and is expected to witness a near 10% year-over-year growth through 2019. The content moderation solutions market is likely to take a big leap in the coming years, as a new role is emerging for AI in content moderation. An alarming rise in the attrition rates in content moderation solution companies has triggered the potential for artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to supplant human resources in the content moderation industry.

The possibility of robots taking over humans in the content moderation industry seems to be a long shot, as the task of content moderation requires contextual understanding in the ‘gray areas’ of decision-making. Nevertheless, the industry is leaning toward a synergetic relationship between intelligent technologies and human moderators, to offer more efficient and employee-centric content moderation solutions. The content moderation solutions market is expected to take a quantum leap, with companies moving to offer content moderation solutions that involve high-tech software paired with a pool of human moderators, and provide an accurate judgment of audience sentiments.

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Industry-wide Adoption Expands the Scope of the Market

The need for content moderation is no longer restricted to social media, as other industries such as retail & e-Commerce, media & entertainment, and telecom, as well as governmental organizations are moving most of their operations online. TMR’s study finds that, nearly one-third of the content moderation solutions, in terms of software or services, were availed by the media & entertainment industry in 2018, and this trend is likely to prevail in the coming years too. However, the retail & e-Commerce industry has grown its presence over the Internet, and is likely to hold around one-third of the revenue share of the content moderation solutions market during the forecast period.

TMR also found that, more than 60% of the end users opted for content moderation services over software in 2018, and their inclination toward outsourcing managed content moderation services is influencing the upcoming trends in the market. Companies providing content moderation services are likely to boost investments in next-generation technologies such as workflow AI and predictive analytics in order to sync with the exponential rise in the demand, notwithstanding the preeminence of human content adjudicators in content moderation services.

The Dual Impact of Internet Regulations on Content Moderation Will Remain Inescapable

End-use industries with a strong online presence have to ensure conformance to diverse global regulations, and protect their audience from potential threats and exposure to cyberattacks and inappropriate content. This is triggering the need for content moderation solutions that can identify and remove inappropriate content that may result in degradation of a brand, loss of consumer trust, financial fraud, or personal threats to audience. Upcoming regulations will only intensify the pressure on industries operating online to make to move to protect user privacies with the help of content moderation solutions.

On the contrary, the content moderation solutions market is at the center of a row over content moderation trampling the freedom of speech or expression, and there are ongoing debates on whether or not to regulate content moderation procedures. A large segment of the society is of the opinion that, content moderation restricts users’ capacity to freely express their opinions and ideas, as well as to access information. This is having a negative impact on the expansion of the content moderation solutions market. Governing bodies in countries such as Singapore, Australia, and the United Kingdom, among other developed countries, are reviewing their plans of regulating content on the Internet, to ensure the creation of content moderation solutions that will protect free expression.

Success Strategies Needed to Progress in the Content Moderation Solutions Market

The content moderation solutions market has enormous scope of growth, as its end users encompass all companies, especially e-Commerce companies that allow their audiences to express or share user-generated content online. Internet retailers are preferring to outsource content moderation services to identify and remove offensive content on their e-Commerce websites, and the increasing growth of the e-Commerce industry will only magnify this trend in the future.

Service providers such as SquadRun Inc. and Conectys are focusing on targeting e-Commerce companies and online retailers to offer state-of-the-art content moderation solutions and services, including real-time moderators, to meet the requirements of end users to improve their site performance, experience, and safety. The content moderation industry is converging with the e-Commerce industry to cater to its need for fighting irrelevant reviews, spam text comments, and abusive content posted on retailers’ websites.

Analysis on the Competitive Landscape

The content moderation solutions market remains moderately consolidated among market leaders such as Google Inc., Microsoft Corporation, and Accenture PLC, which are also among the world leaders in technology. Frontrunners are investing a significant share of their revenues in research & development to capitalize on next-generation technologies such as cloud computing and AI, so as to compete with other tech-giants in the market.

With the increasing adoption of tech-driven content moderation solutions among end-use industries, the market is likely to favor the incumbents in the future. Emerging players such as Open Access BPO, Cogito Tech LLC., and Clarifai, Inc. are focusing on expanding their presence in domestic markets in emerging nations, where overall ICT (information and communications technology) spending has been steadily increasing.

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Global Content Moderation Solutions Market: Overview

According to a new market report pertaining to the global content moderation solutions market published by Transparency Market Research , the global content moderation solutions market is projected to reach value of nearly US$ 11,800 Mn by 2027, expanding at a CAGR of more than 10% from 2019 to 2027. Growth of the content moderation solutions market can be attributed to the high demand for digital content and exponential growth in content volumes. The content moderation solutions market in Asia Pacific is anticipated to lead the global content moderation solutions market, followed by North America, during the forecast period. 

Content Moderation Solutions Market is Witnessing Remarkable Growth Due to Increased Internet Accessibility and High Penetration of Smartphones

The content moderation solutions market is being fueled due to increasing accessibility of the Internet and high smartphone penetration in developing nations. Developing countries are receiving government support for the development of electronic infrastructure, which includes Internet connectivity. As such, anybody can create content and upload it with a single click, making it accessible to all. This gives rise to the increasing need to moderate this content, as the same content may not be suitable for all kinds of audiences. This is expected to create new opportunities for the growth of the content moderation solutions market during the coming years.

Internet access is increasing all across the world, including developing countries. However, access is higher in advanced economies. A minimum of 60% of the population in several large economies has access to the Internet, such as Russia, China, and Brazil. Internet access rates are generally lower in developing countries, and are concentrated mostly in sub-Saharan Africa and parts of Asia. The content moderation solutions market is impacted by the increasing accessibility to the Internet and high penetration of smartphones in developing nations.

Content Moderation Solutions Market: Taxonomy

The global content moderation solutions market has been segmented based on component, enterprise size, industry, and region. In terms of component, the content moderation solutions market has been segmented into software and services. The software segment has been bifurcated into cloud and on-premise, whereas, the services segment is bifurcated into professional services and managed services. The cloud software segment is expected to be a prominent segment in the global content moderation solutions market, as with the increase in data volumes, companies are switching to cloud-deployed solutions. Based on enterprise size, the content moderation solutions market has been divided into small & medium enterprises (SMEs) and large enterprises. The global content moderation solutions market, by industry, is segmented into media & entertainment, retail & e-Commerce, packaging & labeling, healthcare & life sciences, automotive, government, telecom, and others, where others comprises BFSI and energy & utilities. 

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