The global industrial metrology market report is an in-depth study of various trends, drivers, and growth indictors that will prevail in the market during 2018-2026. The applied, industrial or technical metrology is a set of processes, techniques, and advanced equipment to measure manufacturing and other processes. The measurement is usually done to understand the calibre, and quality control in these processes. It is estimated that these processes usually save about 15% of costs in manufacturing on average. Moreover, these are becoming increasingly important for nations worldwide as trends like automation, increased drive for independence in national defence, and growth of their traceability continues to go up. Generally, peer-reviewed, agreements, or accreditation sets these processes in place with standard benchmarks. It has become an important standard in measuring the progress of a country’s industrial sector.

Global Industrial Metrology Market: Notable Developments

A team of researchers from Norway and Denmark have identified a laser-based system which can detect fires in challenging industrial environments. The system based on industrial metrology does not measure light or its wavelength. Instead, it relies on the random fluctuation of the refractive index. Earlier systems faced issues with light as ambient dust particles could block their reading of fire. However, the new system overcomes this problem and propagates the evolution of fire detection system wherein even fires without flames can be detected. The innovation is expected to create significant opportunities for players in the industrial metrology market.

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The Indian government’s advisory body, the Niti Aayog, has suggested the creation of single body for food and drug inspection, on the lines of the FDA. The proposed plan would merge the food inspection which used to come under legal metrology under a single umbrella. This evolution in government practice has much to do with a singular mode of establishment for a large number of processes, and the growing application of industrial metrology. China has also created an national inspection program similar to the FDA. Moreover, Ghana also recently adopted standards set by the Indian pharmaceutical metrology which is a major boost for the global industrial metrology market.

Global Industrial Metrology Market: Drivers and Restraints

Rising demand for industrial metrology solutions in inspection of foods, in defence sector, and for undertaking major initiatives like smart cities are expected to drive growth. The rising demand for aerospace solutions, growing availability of quality metrology solutions, and increasing awareness are expected to emerge as major drivers. Moreover, the growing demand for these solutions in automotive sector and in general manufacturing is also expected to drive growth. Automotive sector is expected to witness a major evolution during the upcoming period as automobile manufacturing quickly moves to automated facilities. The need for highly reliable and quality processes, and rising demand for electric vehicles are expected to drive major growth. Moreover, the rise in demand from the manufacturing sector due to automation is also expected to remain extremely high during the forecast period.

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Global Industrial Metrology Market: Geographical Analysis

The global industrial metrology market report is divided into key regions like North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa. Among these, the North America region is expected to witness considerable growth. The region is home to considerable opportunities, thanks to increasing move towards automation, and widespread use of industrial metrology market. The industrial metrology market is also expected to witness robust growth in Europe. The increasing move in the automotive sector towards automation, growing targets set due to climate change accord are expected to drive significant opportunities for the industrial metrology market in the near future.

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