Industrial Dust Collector Business Opportunities Scope And Opportunities Analysis 2019 – 2027

Technological Innovations Gauge High Growth for Industrial Dust Collector Market

Companies are introducing a new generation of industrial dust collectors with abrasive recycling filter systems. These innovative systems are creating incremental opportunities for manufacturers in the industrial dust collector market. End users are reaping benefits of continuous product development in the market landscape. The technology of abrasive recycling filter systems is benefitting stakeholders in the sandblasting industry. Flexibility of systems plays an important role in the industrial dust collector landscape. Newly-introduced systems in the market are standalone equipment that integrate into any side of a blast cabinet or blast room.

On the other hand, manufacturers in the industrial dust collector market are innovating in new baghouse dust collectors that are integrated with cartridge dust collection systems. These novel systems ensure a healthy workplace environment for employees. Collection of hazardous dust such as silica, asbestos and hexavalent chromium fumes is stimulating demand for efficacious industrial dust collector systems. Adoption of these systems is helping owners abide by stringent government regulations related to the safety of workers.

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End Users Demanding Cyclonic and Laser Cutter Dust Collectors

Increasing awareness about environmental regulations has compelled stakeholders in end-user industries to adopt industrial dust collector systems. This trend has led to product developments in cyclone dust collectors. As such, cyclone dust collectors are projected to account for the highest production amongst all products in the industrial dust collector market, with an estimated turnout of ~1,600 units by the end of 2027. This is why, manufacturers in the industrial dust collector market are developing technologically-sound multi-cyclonic separators, based on centrifugal action. These novel separators help end users save operational and downtime costs in the industrial landscape.

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Manufacturers are increasing R&D to develop laser cutter dust collectors. Automation has become part and parcel of the global industrial landscape. Automatic laser cutting machines have led to the issue of increased amounts of metal cutting fumes in the industrial landscape. Hence, laser cutter dust collectors being urgently demanded in the market. High efficiency in production is another driver that is steering demand for these novel systems.

What Does Lack of Maintenance in Aging Systems Mean for Market Growth?

The industrial dust collector market is projected to expand at a modest CAGR of ~5% during the forecast period. The landscape is fairly fragmented with emerging and small-scale players accounting for ~40% of the total market share. However, certain challenges are likely to impede market growth.

Sales of industrial dust collectors have slowed down, as end users are ignorant about the regular maintenance and evaluation of aging dust collection equipment. It has been found that, most industrial dust collectors last for more than a decade, whereas, new systems need to be serviced every three years.

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Hence, manufacturers in the industrial dust collector market are increasing awareness about downtime costs that owners might incur due to idle or inefficient equipment. Since end users demand longer-life equipment, manufacturers are streamlining their production processes to meet this growing demand. End users in the market are becoming increasingly aware and are researching before purchasing new equipment. This is also to ensure whether the providing company will stay in business in the long run so as to provide replacement parts and maintenance services, post purchase.

Intelligent Collector Systems Offer High Filtration Efficiency to End Users

The Asia Pacific region is anticipated for exponential growth during the forecast period. Moreover, manufacturers in China are increasing production capacities of centralized dust collectors and other intelligent systems. As such, central dust collectors account for the highest revenue in the industrial dust collector market, with a value forecast of ~US$ 3.9 billion by 2027.

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