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Esalen Institute’s
First Ever Yoga festival

From June 12 – 17, The Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California will be hosting a five-day celebration to open the heart to yoga and surrender to the sacred. The Heart of Yoga, a joyful festival honoring practice and devotion, will include Shiva Rea, Jai Uttal, Mark Whitwell, Sally Kempton and more, but don’t worry because each student will have the opportunity to take class from every teacher. Beginner/gentle classes will be held for students new to yoga; intermediate classes will provide well-rounded practice for continuing students relatively experienced and in good physical condition; advanced classes will be challenging and powerful, exploring asana and breath work in depth and detail. There will be time to receive massages, soak in Esalen’s natural hot springs overlooking the Pacific Ocean and connect with other yogis. Late afternoons and evenings will have classical Indian dance, bhakti rhythms, bhakti talk with kirtan and much more to get the full spiritual experience.

Walk for the underdog—that is the four-legged furry variety

Walk for the Underdog, an all-volunteer, non-profit organization, is holding its inaugural Walk on May 15th North of the Pier in Santa Monica. Dog walkers will meet on the Santa Monica Pier parking lot alongside the PCH. Then they will go up the stairs and onto the bluff where the walk will take place.
The goal of Walk for the Underdog is twofold: first, to raise funds to help selected foundations to get more dogs out of shelters and to find them permanent loving homes, and second, to raise public awareness about the thousands of very adoptable, beautiful–often pedigree–dogs available for adoption from city shelters and rescue organizations. $75 dollars is all it takes to get a dog rescued from a shelter and transform it from an underdog into a top dog.

The walkers will include a number of rescue groups who will be walking with their underdogs (dogs available for adoption). Walk for the Underdog is proud to sponsor: Best Friends, The Bill Foundation, The Amanda Foundation, Marley’s Pit Stop, Ace of Hearts, Boxer Rescue LA, Southern California Siberian Husky Rescue, and Forte Animal Rescue.

Folks who want to join the party can register online to walk with their favorite dogs. View Best Online Yoga Classes on this website Page for details about the event.

It only takes $75 to get a dog rescued from a shelter! LA is dog town. Walk for the Underdog calls on all goodhearted people to come and join the fun and help make a difference to the homeless dogs of LA.
Contact Helena Kriel 310 455-7030
Rene Breier 858 452-1179

the bar method opens
in west hollywood

On Tuesday, April 19th, The Bar Method will celebrate the opening of its sixth California location in West Hollywood on Third Street across the street from The Beverly Connection. The Bar Method’s intense strengthening workout shapes and elongates each major muscle group, burns away fat around these muscles, and stretches our most chronically tight muscles, namely those around the hips and lower back. The result is a striking, clearly visible change in appearance.
The hour-long class is composed of eight or nine strengthening exercises followed by stretches. The strength work combines holding positions that use the body’s own weight with small, controlled moves that increase range of motion and stamina.
Stretching is focused on the hips, chest, and lower back to improve posture and body alignment.