Important Guidelines to Get Custom Printed Boxes at the Best Price

custom printed boxes

Getting custom printed boxes is a pretty challenging task for many people who want to have them at an economical price. But when you have proper guidance, then it becomes pretty easy. These packages are often manufactured using cardboard or corrugated stock. You can also find them manufactured with Kraft paper, but that is less common. A variety of customizations are there that businesses can do on them. But every customization comes at a cost. You are at the right place if affordability is your main concern. We will give you some guidelines that can help in finding the most affordable ones.

A simple shape is vital

It is a vital piece of advice for you that can help in reducing the overall cost of the packaging. People like to get different custom shapes of the packages. But that only contributes to increasing their cost. Creative shapes can take an extra amount of materials for the packages. That extra amount of the materials can increase the cost quite much. Moreover, some businesses charge extra for making the box in a customized shape. That is why you should avoid the customized shape and choose a simple package. It can keep the cost under control.

Light or plain design

Plain design is what you should be considering when affordability is what you are looking for in custom printed packaging. Multiple colors come with an additional cost of printing. Using the offset printing technique is impossible when you choose a complex design with many colors. Digital printing is what you should be looking for. But this thing costs more than the offset technique. That is a significant cause why you should go for single-color light or simple design. It can help in reducing printing costs pretty amazingly. It is a good way of reducing the overall cost of the package.

Bulk buying is vital

First thing that comes to mind when we are talking about reducing the packaging cost. Buying packages at wholesale can reduce the cost. For this purpose, you can choose different kinds of the supplier. Many dedicated wholesalers are there for you to choose from. But remember that reliability of the supplier can affect the price and quality. You need to check the reliability by visiting their business listing. Checking what their existing customers are commenting about them can help in this matter. You can choose various off-season sales to buy the bulk quantity for a whole year. It can help in reducing the cost per unit.

Balance cost and quality

Balancing the cost and quality is what you need to do quite cleverly. You need to ensure that the quality is up to the mark. It is essential for you that the quality is balanced when we are talking about the cost of these packages. In this regard, you have the option to customize the quality. Reducing the thickness of the cardboard sheet can reduce the quality a bit but can also minimize the cost. If you can afford to reduce the thickness or density of cardboard sheets, then you can reduce the price you have to pay. It is an important piece of advice for you that you must follow.

Online vendors are the best

Here is an advice that you must follow when you talk about buying custom wholesale printed boxes. Online vendors are the source that can provide you the best customizations at an affordable rate. It is easy to find the best ones on the internet by searching for the list of top online packaging vendors. The top ones are there with the best prices that you cannot get from local ones. And some of them also give various free customizations that you need the most. That is the reason why you should consider this advice pretty important.

Choose a simple packaging type

Many kinds of packaging solutions are there in the market. You need to ensure that you get the simplest one. The sleeve box style might look great, but it is a bit costly due to an additional layer of cardboard on it. The shoulder box is also exceptional, but it consists of three parts that increase its price. Choosing a simple flip-top box or telescope packaging is beneficial for you. Do not go for the fancy ones as they might come at a higher cost than the additional benefits you can get.

Reduce the number of customizations

Many top online vendors provide some free customizations like a die-cut window, lamination, etc. But many of them do not provide these or other customizations for free. So, you need to go for minimal design and avoid additional customizations. You might have to seal the window with a clear vinyl sheet that can increase the price of the box. A holder might hold the item firmly inside but increases the packaging price. Many other customizations can result identically, so ignoring them is the only option. Moreover, minimal design is trending these days. That means you will not be compromising on the visual appeal of your package.

Many brands need to get custom printed boxes at an affordable rate. But that is not easy unless you have proper guidance. These packages have become an essential need of many brands. That is a major reason why you should follow the aforementioned tips in this regard that can help in getting them at the best price.