Impact of Shea Olein Market: Global Industry Trends, Analysis and Growth

Market Outlook

Shea olein is an oil that is used to make creams, lubricants, massage oils, and lotions. It is extracted from shea butter by a fractionation process. Shea butter is obtained from the fruit of the shea tree (native to African regions). Shea olein is a natural or true oil, and not a solvent extracted shea oil. Shea olein contains oleic acid and stearic acid. It is considered that shea olein is a precious commodity, since more shea butter is produced than shea olein. The separation process by which shea olein is extracted is non-chemical and involves a simple physical operation. Shea olein is mostly used in cosmetic products. It is good for damaged hair and dry skin as it penetrates the skin quickly. In addition, shea olein is also used in various pharmaceutical products and also in aromatherapy.

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Increasing Shea Olein Applications in Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, and Aromatherapy

Shea olein is used in dermal treatment to treat dry skin, heal scars, and to cure scalp-related problems. Shea olein is also used in aromatherapy for massages and spa treatment to relax the body and rejuvenate the skin. Some of the applications of shea olein in cosmetics are – it is used to make body lotions, moisturizers, sunscreen, lip balms, soaps, gels, and lipsticks. Due to the numerous applications of shea olein in health and beauty care, it is expected that the shea olein market would substantially increase during the forecast period.

Shea Olein Market: Key Players

Some of the major manufacturers and distributors operating in shea olein market are SURU CHEMICALS & PHARMACEUTICALS PVT. LTD., Yasham Speciality Ingredients Pvt Ltd, Croda International Plc, AAK AB, OLVEA GROUP, Cornelius Group plc., Ghana Nuts Company Ltd, Agrobotanicals, LLC., Sophim S.A Natural Sourcing, LLC., and International Oils & Fats Limited. An increasing number of manufacturers are showing their keen interest in introducing shea olein into their product portfolios, which is also expected to increase the demand for the same in the coming years.

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Opportunities for Market Participants

Numerous applications of shea olein in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and aromatherapy has evolved the demand for shea olein, globally. In pharmaceuticals, shea olein is used in manufacturing products for dermal treatment such as healing scars, acne, and scalp-related problems. In addition, shea olein is also used in aromatherapy for massage and spa treatment to relax the body and rejuvenate the skin. People all around the world, especially in Asia Pacific, are opting for natural products, which is expected to escalate the demand for shea olein in the coming years. Due to an increase in the demand for this product, investors who have invested in this market can expect high returns in the near future.

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Shea olein: Regional Outlook

Production of shea olein is high in Africa, since shea trees, or shea nuts, are mostly grown in the African continent. Countries in Africa that are the largest producers of shea olein are Nigeria, Togo, Ghana, Benin, Mali, and Burkina Faso. Africa exports shea olein to various regions, including North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. These regions also import shea butter from Africa to manufacture shea olein. A majority of the demand for shea olein comes from Asia Pacific, and the increasing demand for shea olein in this region can be attributed to various factors, such as growing preference for the natural products and health and beauty consciousness among the consumers of this region. Shea olein is highly consumed in Europe, followed by North America, due to consumer health consciousness.

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