Impact of Covid-19 on Leavening Acids Market

Leavening Acids: Market outlook

In the global leavening agent industry, the demand of leavening acids is very high owing to its significant effect on the dough characteristic and the final baked goods. Leavening acids are functioning as a chemical leavening agent and leaven or raise the volume of bakery products. The choice of the leavening acids in the bakery products determines the taste, texture and the crumb color, which is the major driver for the consumption of the baked goods. These effects are due to the reaction between the leavening acid and protein component (gluten) present in the dough. These leavening acids act by releasing carbon dioxide, which forms bubbles in the dough and during baking, these bubbles get released leaving behind pores respective to the size of bubbles formed in the dough. In the global leavening agents market, leavening acids is gaining the demand owing to its ability to raise or leaven the dough or batter used in the bakery industries In the global leavening acid market, the demand for leavening acid majority accounts from North America and European market and Europe also accounts to world’s largest producer of leavening acid.

Increasing Demand for Leavening Acids in Food and Beverages

In the global leavening agent market, the leavening agent is also used in the households for baking and in some recipes to enhance the flavor and texture to the recipes. In the Bakery Industry, the demand of leavening agent is growing at a robust growth rate. In the bakery industry, the demand of the leavening agent is used in the baking process of the bakery products such as biscuits, cookies, pies, rolls, cakes, and others. In the food and beverage industry, the bakery industry is a the boom in the developing nations such as India and China, directly increasing the demand of leavening acid. In the global bakery industry, there is tough competition among the manufactures, which force them to frequent product launch in different flavors and texture of the products. Manufacturers are also using different flours in the production line, which are fueling the demand of leavening agent at a different concentration in their products. On the other hand, increasing demand for the natural product among health-conscious consumers is limiting the leavening acid market.

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Global Leavening acids: Key Players

Some of the major players involved in the global leavening acids market are Corbion N.V., Kerry Group, Stern-Wywiol Gruppe GMBH Co. KG., Associated British Foods PLC, Archer Daniels Midland Co. (ADM), Cargill, Inc., Puratos Group NV, PLC, Novozymes A/S, Koninklijke DSM N.V., and others.

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Global Leavening acids: Opportunities for Market Participants:

Booming bakery industry is fueling the demand of leavening acids, to enhance the texture and loaf volume. Busy schedule and urbanization lead to increase the consumption of convenient food products in the market. In recent years, the sales of refrigerated batter and dough have gaining the pace which comprises the use of leavening acids. Apart from all the above-mentioned factors, increasing awareness about the leaving acids will also increase the demand for leavening acid in the coming future.

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Global Leavening acids Market: A Regional Outlook:-

North America and Europe account for the highest production and consumption of leavening acids and companies like Kerry Group, Stern-Wywiol Gruppe GMBH Co. KG., Associated British Foods PLC are situated there, it can be anticipated that the demand of the leavening acids will increase in the forecast period. In addition, Asia Pacific witnessed a sturdy boom, attributable to growth in population and growing food industries over the past few decades. Increasing urbanization and industrialization in the Middle East and African countries is expected to increase the consumption of leavening acids in the forecast period.

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