Impact of COVID-19 on AI Consulting Services Market

AI consulting services: Introduction

  • Artificial Intelligence stimulates human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans. It is an analytical technique that enables organizations to understand and automate processes.
  • AI provides the much needed efficiency to identify and manage the complexities of dynamic technological advancement.
  • AI consulting services help organizations adopt and enhance their AI capabilities, from strategic level till execution.
  • Rise in COVID-19 cases globally has displayed the importance of AI in different industries. AI can be used in decision making, data analytics and management, trouble-shooting and predicting outcomes.

Impact of COVID-19 on AI Consulting Services

  • The rise in COVID-19 cases globally has highlighted the requirement of AI, especially in healthcare. AI can be efficiently used to get proper suggestions in real-time to avoid spreading of the virus. It is also helpful in screening and tracking patients.
  • Major application of AI is for early detection and diagnosis of infection.

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  • AI is used for the development of drugs and vaccines, and the reduction of workload of healthcare workers.
  • AI plays an important role to detect the cluster of cases and to predict where this virus will affect in future by collecting and analyzing all previous data.
  • AI consulting services engage and support companies in understanding and taking advantage of the assistance provided by AI in full capacity.

AI Consulting Services: Key drivers

  • AI has gained attention and has been applied in different sectors in the past few years. It has enabled organizations in boosting productivity and hence companies have started investing in research and development to use AI in every aspect from forming strategies to execution.
  • The ability to detect and resolve issues in real time has driven companies to utilize AI in troubleshooting and analysis.